Rio built a makeup studio with the help of Shell Plus kit

Dec 07, 2020

This is the story of Rio, a budding entrepreneur, and how we helped him live his dream. He was desperately looking for a space to open his makeup studio. Being an expert makeup artist for more than 10 years, he now wanted to open a studio. But, since he is just planning a start-up, he had a specific budget. He was planning to rent a space why none matched his budget. He kept discussing with his friends and relatives. Finally, he wanted to use the yard of his house, so he tried looking for a tiny house manufacturer. A tiny house is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a space within the budget. 

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Get tiny house kits within your budget:

When you have a yard, the possibilities are endless. BOSS is one of the leading manufacturers of DIY tiny house kits in California. We offer various types of kits based on your budget and requirements. BOSS designs shell kits so that you have to put the least effort in erecting a tiny space. Rio booked a consultation with the BOSS team, and we suggested he invest in the Shell Plus kit. With Shells, you can save yourself from the hassle and get your tiny studio ready in just 3 days. BOSS has launched the Shell Plus kit. You can install it yourself; it’s a DIY kit. 

The kit takes 3 days to install – get 3 years limited warranty:

Rio, found an instruction manual which made the installation process even easier. It’s a DIY transformable kit, comes with 3 years limited warranty, and the assembling process takes only 3 days if 2 people are doing it together. BOSS promotes DIY initiative, self-installation saves cost and time; also, our structures can be built-on-site. But, in case you do not have time or do not wish to install it yourself, hire a local contractor. Rio invested in the Shell Plus kit to set up his own studio, and he took the help of his friend to assemble the tiny studio in the yard. 

Shell Plus is the best tiny house kits:

Once the structure got ready, Rio was happy that the studio could accommodate 3- 4 people. This is one of the best tiny house kits from BOSS because it comes with many advantages. The kit also has plumbing and electrical systems pre-installed. Due to this, you can get rid of the hassle and save hiring a separate contractor.

Live your dreams with the BOSS Tiny House kits:

Rio is one of the many clients we have, all of them very satisfied with our tiny house solution. We have helped many live their dreams and grow. Rio could at least start off and later have a bigger space. Many clients now have bigger businesses, they have shared their success stories, and we are thankful to our clients. You can also build a home office and ADU, studio, in-law suite, play space, cabins, and more using this kit. This is one of the most affordable tiny house kits on wheels and foundation.

Request for a quote:

The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes: 8.5’’ x 20’ and 8.5’ x 26’, and the prices are $9,995 and $12,995, respectively. Have a consultation with our experts; you can visit the BOSS website for more information. BOSS offers the best value kits; request for a quote.

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