Rebecca and Angela successfully built a tiny studio in the yard – How BOSS Tiny House helped

Jul 18, 2019

At BOSS Tiny House we meet hundreds of customers every day and we offer the best possible suggestions regarding tiny home requirements. Tiny homes are extremely popular among people who have a lot of zeal yet have a tight budget. We have helped too many homeless people in the U.S to have a property of their own and now we get customers coming up to us for buying kits because they wish to use a tiny house for other purposes apart from living. Such is the story of Rebecca and Angela, the two sisters who are great artists; they are self-made women who also sell art for noble social causes.

Hailing from not-so-affluent family Rebecca and Angela live in a small apartment with their family and have grown up together in a single room. The talented sisters look interest in art since a very early age; they spilled colors, painted on floors and kept the passion alive. Now they visited BOSS Tiny House to buy our tiny home kits, because the talented sisters had a tight budget and they wanted to build a DIY tiny house. Building a tiny house yourself you can save the labor cost but in case you do not know or do not wish to build on your own, we have a team that would always assist you to build a tiny house on site. We do not build homes inside our factory premises, we assemble it on site. The two talented sisters built it by themselves, we offered them customized solutions and the entire thing was almost within the budget. But in case you have issues with finance, so not worry because we offer easy finance options to our valuable customers. We do a check, verify all the documents required and offer financing aid.
Design Yours
They took help of tutorials to build the DIY tiny home studio, they even took help from a close friend and with our kits you never have to be a professional. All our kits are available with all-inclusive components and easy-to-understand instructions. You simply have to assemble the kits and we customize the interiors the way you want or you can hire a professional to do it for you. They did not make the space too clumsy so if you are following the same trend, do not add too many furniture, a couple of sleek chairs is good enough, one compact kitchen space, one bathroom is pretty good. You can have glass walls to make the interior more stylish and light reflective; there are many more similar ideas. If you need a sleeping area or a place to relax, build a loft or a porch.

Rebecca and Angela’s tiny home is now a successful studio where they do all types of painting; meet clients and this way there are taking their passion ahead. It’s a space that they can call their own instead of spending dollars in renting a space. It’s your personal and creative space, if you add wheels to it, you can also pursue your talent from any remote location or else attaching a structure to the yard is a great idea.

We also appreciate their idea of selling art and participating in charity work, at BOSS we feel proud that they are our client.  Just like these two great artists, if you also wish to have a space of your own, it could be a studio, a home office, a yoga space, a play room, a gaming zone, an in-law suit, a guest room or a tiny house to stay, get in touch with our very experienced team. We have been building tiny homes for more than a decade and we have happy customers all around. Please visit our website and get in touch for a consultation.


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