Read how Mili and Cyrus built a play space by investing in BOSS Shell Plus kit

Sep 17, 2020

Do you feel that your kid needs a separate space to play? This is something that goes ignored most of the time. You can read Mili and Cyrus’s story. They wanted to give a separate play space for their twin kids. Parenting is not an easy job, and most parents feel that space becomes a challenge when babies become toddlers. Parents dream of giving space to their kids, but they quite know that supervision is also very important. If you live in an apartment, it becomes a challenge to create additional space, but nothing is better than investing in DIY tiny house kits if you have a house with a yard.

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BOSS – one of the leading manufacturers of tiny house kits

Cyrus was researching the internet, and they noticed BOSS on the top of search engines. They researched more, also asked their friends, and finally got in touch with us. BOSS is one of the leading manufacturers of tiny house kits, and we have earned the love and respect from clients within a very short span of time. We are offering various types of affordable tiny house kits when you share your requirements with us.

The BOSS tiny House Loan is a savior

This couple has a very tight budget, but the BOSS has a solution for all clients. It is not only this couple, but we have offered tiny home solutions to so many customers who have an extremely limited budget. Do you want to know how? Well, before discussing the kit we offer, we would like to tell you that we are offering the Tiny House Loan. We ensure the eligibility, and once you are entitled, the loan gets approved in a few minutes. A large number of clients have benefitted from this easy financing option. You can also visit our website on the financing page and fill in the form. Mili and Cyrus were very relieved, and they wanted to choose this financing option.

DIY installation made easy 

The experts suggested investing in the modern and advanced Shell Plus kit. This kit is an excellent DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3 years warranty. Installation is very easy as it takes only 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation. We have a built-on-site option, and since it’s a DIY kit, the instructions are very lucid and clear. Both the parents were very excited since they would be assembling the kit by themselves for the kids. If you are not comfortable installing it by yourself, you can hire contractors for the installation.

The two sizes available at BOSS

The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $12,995.

Now that they were setting up a play space for two kids and they also got financing, they chose the bigger one. Post-installation, they shared pictures; the kids were surprised and thrilled to get their own play space.

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Choose BOSS DIY cabin kits as we ensure superior quality and safety. We ship the kits very securely in wooden crates so that any damage is prevented. BOSS helps to make your dreams come true; invest in our kits. Call the BOSS experts, browse through our website, and request a quote.

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