Profit from the Tiny Home Movement – Room for Rent or Temporary Shelter

Jul 16, 2019

Tiny home movement is a quirky housing trend that has become hugely popular. The possibilities with a tiny house are massive.Thanks to its affordability, it can be your temporary shelter until you find a budget-friendly, appropriate apartment for yourself. Or if you are in-between jobs and only in the city for a few months or a year, living in a tiny home might be the perfect solution. It can save you from paying the mortgage and you can have a cozy place to live. Also, you can build a tiny house yourself, without having to spend extra on hiring workers. BOSS tiny houses near me come with an instruction manual. Alternatively, we also have an assistance team who will not hesitate to come out to your location to lend a helping hand with your DIY tiny house project. We also have interior designers who can give you design tips and tricks to maximize the available space and make your tiny house temporary shelter look spacious.

So, not paying the mortgage and living affordably is one way to profit from the tiny home movement. However, that’s more like saving money. But, you can also earn through this movement if you build a DIY tiny house on wheels or on foundation and put it up for rent. It can either be a monthly rental or a vacation rental. If you offer basic amenities like, electric, water and proper insulation, along with a fully stocked fridge and well-equipped kitchen, you can easily rent the space out. Customize tiny house with big windows that look out into a lush background, make use of recyclable items to decorate the house and make intelligent use of space.

When you are renting out your tiny house, you can save money by building it yourself. Also, you must remember not to invest in exceptionally lavish furniture as that will take up space. You need to invest in functional pieces that look aesthetic and do not entirely consume the 8.5X20, 8.5×26, 8.5×40 space that is available. So, folding chairs or benches would be a good idea. You can also have lots of shelves, cabinets and counters against the wall so that you can using the wall space. Your tiny house can have a walk-in cabinet and you can also have additional space on top and add a ladder to it for easy access. This can act as a loft or it can be the sleeping area while the below area is utilized as a living room, kitchen and bathroom. You can also include games and other forms of entertainment so that whoever is renting your tiny house can keep themselves engaged.

When nobody is renting out your space, you can use the tiny house as a guest room for your friends or a recreation room to spend some time away from your noisy apartment.

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So, whether you are looking for temporary shelter or want to make some extra money by renting out tiny house, peruse our tiny house shells for sale. Our tiny house kits are fully inclusive and you simply have to assemble it. If the budget is tight, BOSS has excellent financing options that you can take advantage of.

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