Planning a Portable Housing Option? – Build a Tiny House on Wheels?

May 09, 2019

Are you worried about big loans and mortgages that would engulf you if you own a lavish property? The best idea is to move into a smaller space and live life king size. Many people adjust in smaller areas to avoid more significant debts that come with owning considerable property. Now the big question is whether you would like to have a tiny house on wheels or foundation? At BOSS we specialize in designing ready homes, and we have kits if you want to complete the project yourself. Though it’s personal preference, you can easily plan any of the options if you have access to a piece of property for the long term. Otherwise, a home on wheels is a good option, and moreover, these days many people are looking for portable living solutions.

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Tinyhouse on wheels is a better choice for many

It’s effortless to relocate if you do not have to sell your house and purchase another one. You might have plenty of reasons to change your location like a change of job, moving closer to your family, relocating for a relationship and you might only want to shift to another site. Many need to travel continuously; that’s almost like a nomadic lifestyle. If this is your case, its best to invest in a tiny portable house so that you can move around while enjoying the comforts of home. If you need a sudden location change, you might have to sell out a tiny stationary house.  A tiny house on wheels can be of much use by being a permanent or temporary form of extra housing for your family members or guests. You can attach a structure to your existing property so that you can keep aged parents or relatives there, offer accommodation to the kids and teenagers in your family and more. If you are choosing a tiny house on wheels, you must be careful about the security, therefore install wheel locks, coupler locks, and a hidden GPS location device. Compared to permanent homes, a tiny house on wheels need not entirely comply with the existing building codes, and it’s undoubtedly an advantage.

The BOSS is here for you

You can design your custom home to the highest level; you get too many options. We are into building tiny house on wheels and foundation; you can choose the type according to your requirements. Here you get all-included tiny homes with electrical and plumbing system installed, or you can buy empty shells and customize yourself. BOSS in California offers ready homes, tiny house kits, and small cabin kits at factory direct prices; we also provide easy financing options so that you can build a tiny house when you need the most.

Come to us for a consultation

At BOSS, we cater to customers every day who are in search of tiny portable homes. We offer you a solution based on your requirements. Reach our team for a consultation; we give you the best advice. For instance, people choosing moving houses sometimes complain about cold floors mostly during the winters. We suggest skirting around the frame of the trailer is a good solution. You can add floor insulation and floor rugs to get rid of the issue.

We help you choose your home type based on your requirements, but it’s great if your house is portable.

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