Own a tiny house within your budget – Purchase an affordable tiny house kit

Aug 18, 2023

A prefab tiny house makes life easier, but you might be looking for more affordable options. Why not invest in tiny house kits to keep the expense low compared to a prefab structure? Buy affordable tiny house kits with different materials required for the space frame. They also come with interior and exterior finishing to help you have a tiny home of any size, style, and budget. This is good news because the top property market analysts across the globe agree that tiny homes will keep on booming. More homeowners are lured towards leading a minimalist lifestyle. The tiny house trend has been set in the US due to the expanding property crisis and escalating environmental concerns. 

Are you ready to embrace minimalism?

You can install the tiny home kits if you are a DIY enthusiast or have a contractor do the installation. Usually, 400 square feet or fewer homes are called tiny homes, but now you have slightly bigger ones. Generally, the majority of them range from 140 sq ft to 250 sq ft. Tiny structures can be built from scratch onsite, but most are prefabricated. You can also invest in prefab tiny home kits customized to your requirements. Some tiny homes are built on permanent foundations, while some are built on trailers that can be moved from one location to another. Considering the minimalist mindset, the tiny houses are designed with tight spaces requiring creative storage and furnishing solutions to maximize space utilization. 


Do you lack space and find a budget option? 

Take an interest in an affordable tiny house kit. BOSS is one of the leading US manufacturers of tiny house kits. We have been planning a tiny space for over two decades using modern technology and automated processes. The tiny homes and kits all come with a 3-year limited warranty. Our solutions are affordably priced so that everyone can own a tiny house. 

Panels made of LGS steel

BOSS structures with conventional and prefab construction, our panels are built inside the factory and brought to the site. BOSS panels are fully fabricated into a single panel. BOSS panels are made with LGS framing, which is well-known for not producing waste. LGS is lightweight and has a lot of strength. The steel is resistant to pest infestation, rotting, moisture, and termites. The LGS steel is fire-resistant and has a superior foundation with seismic stability. 

Did you get the permits?

BOSS offers the Permit Package, so there is nothing to worry about. The package includes:

  • FM approval certification
  • Engineers stamp the structural drawings
  • Title 24 Energy Certification

Submit the plans to the Department of Building and Safety, and the permit will be sanctioned within four to six weeks.

BOSS means eco-friendly tiny house kits

BOSS has partnered with the leading plastic recycling companies to manufacture sustainable solutions. The panels are made of 35% plastic because we believe in sustainability. Our panels have a higher insulation level, reducing the carbon footprint. 

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