Now you do not need to rent a new home – Build an ADU in your yard

Nov 26, 2020

What if you cannot afford a bigger home? You can always have an affordable solution. Property prices are soaring high, and only someone who finds a new home knows how difficult it is. If you are searching for an alternative, you can always invest in the accessory dwelling unit. These are known as ADU, an attachment to your yard. These are pretty affordable and easier to build. So, now with BOSS, you can find an ADU within your budget. It is even great if you have a yard; you have more space to utilize. BOSS in California is the largest manufacturer of tiny house kits. We manufacture ADU kits that are affordable and can make your dreams come true.

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 Build in 3 days and get 3 years limited warranty:

BOSS designs of various types of tiny home kits, and very recently, we have launched the Shell Plus kit that has now become extremely popular. We also customize kits according to your specific requirements and budget. The Shell Plus kit is DIY transformable and comes with simple instructions so that the installation process is smoother and easier, even for a non-specialist. The Shell Plus kit is simple to assemble; you can take the help of your friend or any other family member to complete it in just 3 days. The kit also comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

Know about the tiny house loan:

If you are having a crunch of funds and still need to build a tiny house, BOSS offers tiny home kits for sale. Tiny homes are not for those who are looking for something lavish and luxurious. We cater to clients who have an extremely low or narrow budget. We aim to offer a tiny house solution to all and especially when you need it the most. So, if you experience a crunch of funds, there is no need to worry. We have introduced the BOSS, Tiny House Loan, that gets approved in just a few minutes. We check the eligibility, and once you are eligible, we offer you immediate financing. Now, owning a tiny house is easier; you do not have to worry at all. 

Kit with plumbing and electricals:

BOSS kits come with a built-on-site facility, so if you do not wish to install it yourself, you can always hire contractors. Hire an expert in your locality who can perform flawless assembling.  

The kit comes with plumbing and electrical systems pre-installed. The interior is extremely spacious and well insulated, fit for a living; you get a master bedroom, a dining space, a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage space, and an optional loft. The doors and windows have secure locks. This kit is ideal for building on the trailer and the foundation. 

We have a huge client base

BOSS is overwhelmed to share that we have so many clients who have invested in our kits. We have so many happy and satisfied customers who have invested in our tiny home kits. If you wish to know more about tiny homes, please do extensive research and visit the BOSS website. We have testimonials so that you know what our clients have to say. Do you have a project in mind, or wish to build a tiny house? IF you cannot make the final decision, talk to the BOSS experts for a consultation. BOSS designs the best tiny house kits; refer to our website for more information and requests a quote.

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