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Dec 10, 2020

A cabin can give you the much-desired privacy so it’s something you can have for yourself. We all need some space to relax, unwind or spend some time with our friends or have a secluded space for isolation purposes. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for cabins and small spaces has increased. How about building your cabin under the sun? Yes, that would be fun. A cabin is an expensive affair, and many cannot afford it. But here is a solution for those who are desperately looking for a cabin space for some serious purpose and within the budget or even less than that. 

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Easy to assemble Shell Plus kit:

BOSS brings you an array of DIY cabin kits; we customize them according to your choice and requirements. Our kits are very affordable, easy to assemble, and modern. We have a team of experts doing constant research about the recent trends and requirements. You can build various types of cabins, such as one with a loft, one without a loft, a spacious one, a small cabin, and many styles you can prefer. With the BOSS’s easy to assemble tiny cabin kits, many customers are interested in building their cabins. This saves various types of costs; it’s beneficial for you as it gives savings. BOSS promotes DIY assembling; we aim to offer the best value kits under one roof.

We have a huge number of satisfied clients:

It’s your store where you can buy affordable tiny house kits. BOSS Has launched the Shell Plus kit, and it’s been almost a year. We are receiving awesome feedback from clients all over the USA and especially California. They are very satisfied with this new modern shell kit. Also, during this pandemic, we have offered countless kits to so many clients. We are glad that we could help so many during the crisis. We have seen so many who could not afford to rent and chose to assemble a tiny space. 

Easy and inexpensive  installation process:

Here is some information about the Shell Plus kit, you can plan to invest in case you are looking for a cabin. This is a DIY transformable kit, easy to install, and comes with unique features. The kit is very cost-effective; also, we have an easy financing system that we would talk about later in this blog. The installation process is smooth and inexpensive; it takes only 3 days for 2 people to finish off with the assembling process.

The kit comes with simple instructions so that everybody can complete the installation. You can install it yourself without hiring any contractor, so it’s again about saving costs. In case you feel like hiring a contractor for installation, they can build it on-site for you. Contractors usually feel great to assemble BOSS kits; they feel it’s user-friendly. We have so many clients who have searched for local contractors for the building process. 

The smaller and the bigger size – the choice is yours:

The kit comes with a plumbing and electrical system preinstalled. The interior has a vaulted and high ceiling. The frames are pre-cut for easy installation; the outer walls are made of steel, the roof is insulated, the inner walls are insulated and soft vinyl-coated; also, the doors and windows have a secure locking system. You get a 3 years warranty along with the kit. Our kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’x 20′ and 8.5’x26′; you need to spend $9,995 for the smaller one and $12,995 for the larger one. It’s a tiny house on a trailer kit; also, it can be built on a foundation.

Apply for the Tiny House Loan:

BOSS helps clients with the Tiny House Loan. It’s a financing system, the loan approval is extremely flexible, and it takes less than 5 minutes to be approved. 

Discuss your tiny house requirements with our team and request a quote. 

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