Noorie set up her dance studio – Buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS Tiny House

Sep 10, 2020

Noorie is a dancer, and almost everything in her life revolves around dance. She wanted to have her own dance space for practice, workshops, and client meets. She knew what her budget was; therefore, she made up her mind to build a tiny house without wasting any time. When she called BOSS, we could understand that she is aware of tiny houses, and she would love to have one. But our experts asked her to book a consultation with BOSS so that she could know more about various modern tiny home kits. 

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Modern tiny house kits from BOSS

 She was looking for advanced and contemporary kits; we offered her the Shell Plus from BOSS Tiny House. It has not been long that we inaugurated this kit, and we have received a massive response. Now, telling more about this kit, the Shell Plus comes with a 3 years warranty. This is a DIY transformable kit for those looking to build their own homes. At BOSS, we are a team of good listeners; we listen to your ideas and requirements and plan well. After listening to her needs carefully, we suggested Noorie build her studio. 

The BOSS easy financing helps many to smile

Noorie did not have any financial issues, but many other clients have. We have many clients who look for financing; BOSS brings to you the BOSS tiny House Loan, that gets approved in less than 5 minutes. We check the eligibility, and once approved, you get selected for it. This easy financing option has helped many clients, and they could own a tiny house on time. You can order the 8.5′ x 26′, which costs $12995 or choose the other one measuring 8.5’x 20′ available for $9995.                              

Easy and faster installation – on trailer and foundation

The Shell Plus kit comes with electrical systems and plumbing that is pre-installed. This kit is easy to install with built on-site facilities, but if you do not install it yourself, hire contractors who can do the installation. Noorie installed it herself; she took her friend’s help and completed installing the kit in only 3 days. She thanked us for having a studio ready in her yard at minimum cost. The most exciting thing is that this is also a tiny house on a trailer kit; you can also build it on a foundation.  

Insulated interior and exterior – shipped safely

Are you ready to buy affordable Tiny House kits in the USA? The Shell Plus kit comes with amazing features; the interior and exterior both are well-insulated. The roof is well-insulated, tested with snow-load, the ceiling is very high and insulated, the walls are vinyl-coated and very soft, the exterior walls are made of galvanized steel walls pre-cut for easy installation, the doors are windows secure. There is a spacious master bedroom, a dining space, a kitchen, a utility space, and an optional loft. All our kits are shipped in wooden crates for safety. 

 Own a Shell Plus – request for a quote

Now Noorie has a more prominent dance studio along with the one she already has. Like Noorie, if you too wish to have your own space, come to BOSS for best value kits. BOSS is dedicated to offering affordable tiny house kits; get in touch with our team for a consultation. 

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