Myra has her yoga studio as she invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit and built it herself

Mar 05, 2020

Her dream has come true. Myra is now satisfied with her own yoga space, something she wanted to have for years. She was worried when she was looking for an extra space because she could not afford it when she heard the high prices. Instead of giving up her dream she kept on looking for a solution until she found BOSS Tiny House. She reached our office to share her dreams and how much she could afford to make it come true. We as a team assure our customers that anyone who needs a tiny house can have a tiny house within their budget. BOSS designs various types of DIY tiny house kits but recently we have come up with our latest Shell Plus kit.


Design Yours

Myra called her friend to help her in building her tiny house; it took her just 3 days to complete the process. Installation is very simple, does not require any special experience but if you do not care to install yourself pay a little more and hire a contractor to do it for you. Myra lives in an apartment and she thought of using her yard to set up her own yoga space. This kit is very well-suited for foundation and trailer and with this transformable DIY kit; you can build cabins, play space, ADUs, and workspace. Myra would be practicing alone and probably she could bring her little daughter with her so she did not require a very big space, she chose to invest $9995 for the 8.5’x20’ but the Shell Plus kit is also available in a bigger size 8.5’x26’ which costs $12995.

The Shell Plus comes with outstanding features which include a steel roof which is insulated and also snow load tested successfully, the ceiling is vaulted with proper insulation, the interior walls are vinyl coated, soft textured and well insulated. The windows are lockable and double-paned; the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks. The exterior wall is made of steel and galvanized, we offer pre-cut frames for easy installation. Myra was so happy and satisfied to discover such amazing features and the amount of security. We are also offering a 3 years limited warranty on Shell Plus.

The Kit also offers amazing livable ideas, it has a king-size bedroom, a spacious dining area, a nice kitchen space, a bathroom that is big enough, an additional loft, an in-built utility room. Myra was relieved that this Shell Plus comes with an electrical and plumbing facility, it’s almost ready to use. Our Shell Plus kit is customizable and has reached a new level in terms of quality and affordability. BOSS is renowned for offering the most modern DIY tiny house kits.

Design Yours

If you refer to our website, you can take a look at the Shell Plus kit in a detailed manner, see the front view, side view, back and the rooftop view, you can also take a look at the interior. We as a team, work towards designing DIY transformable kits. Come to BOSS when looking for tiny house kits for sale. Request us for a quote, we send it to you within a day. 







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