Make way for additional space within budget with ADU home kits

Jan 12, 2024

The real estate market has heavily expanded, the expenses are huge and people are very much embracing minimalism. Simple living means using the backyard space to have an accessory dwelling unit. An ADU also increases the value of the property, they are extremely functional and ideally designed for use. The convenient designs of the ADU house kit also attract better rents from the tenants and can pose a lucrative alternative income. You can opt for a complete prefabricated accessory dwelling unit or you might be interested in ADU home kits or shells.


Are you planning to expand your existing property within the budget? 

Have an accessory dwelling unit on foundation and your space is ready. This could be your space for accommodating the aged people of your family. When not in use, you can rent out the ADU and earn extra income. You can give space to the fresh graduates, tourists, and other interested people. An accessory dwelling unit adds value to your property. Invest in BOSS’s ADU home kits to have an impressive budget space that increases the resale value of your property. We customize kits, do the installation yourself and you can have contractors who offer build-on-site services.

Tiny homes with 3-year warranty

BOSS delivers customizable and prefabricated ADU home kits. The kits are manufactured inside the factory in the US and shipped to your location directly. BOSS is one of the renowned and biggest manufacturers of tiny ADU home kits. We have been manufacturing tiny spaces for more than 20 years. The tiny homes are delivered to your site within 4 to 6 weeks. We offer tiny homes at factory-direct pricing. Choose prefab kits, which will help you save money and prevent delays due to extreme weather conditions. Prefab ADU home kits are lightweight and easily transported to your location. The kits come with a 3-year warranty. 

Sustainable BOSS panels

BOSS excels in sustainability. Our expert manufacturing team uses LGS-outlined durable steel panels. BOSS cares for the environment so we have come up with greener kits. BOSS has tied up with the renowned plastic producers of the world. Our structures use 35% reused plastic to create our panels. The steel panels have adequate fire resistance. This can lower the carbon impression because the BOSS panels have a higher level of protection. BOSS tiny houses care for the ecosystem and utilize very little energy.

BOSS is offering a Permit Package

There is no need to think about the permits because we offer a compact Permit Package. We also offer attractive financing plans as we have partnered with CustomFin. We have flexible repayment options, and our interest rates are as low as 3.99%. You do not need to make a hole in your pocket to own an ADU house kit

Final take

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