Make the most of your Limited Space in a Studio Tiny Home with these DIY Ideas

Apr 16, 2024

Have you invested in a studio house kit for extra space on your property? Well, while you are at it, we have brought you some effective and efficient DIY ideas that could help you make the most of the available space. The studio kits are a popular solution to add that extra space to your property that can be utilized for different purposes. New-age homeowners are extensively adding these extra spaces to their property to look after their ailing parents, home-school their children, start a business, create a gym space or library, or host extended families and friends. 

When it comes to space-saving ideas, the aim is to maximize the available space and work towards decluttering for a simple and organized space. When living in a smaller space, you must prioritize solutions that help you maintain a neat and sleek appearance without compromising functionality and usability. In this post, we have brought you some of the most reliable and effective DIY ideas to help you achieve space-saving hacks and make the most of the space in your studio tiny home. Check out the following:


Space-saving interior ideas

The studio homes are available in sizes ranging from 190 to 290 sqft. Thus, it is inevitable that you must consider certain interior styles and ideas that will offer maximum floor space yet offer functionality. We have identified some space-saving solutions that are easy to incorporate and effective in the long run.

There are endless possibilities in the space-saving criteria for interiors. However, we are looking at solutions that are easily achievable and DIY-friendly. Let’s have a look:

Wall shelves:

One of the most effective ways to clear out floor space is to opt for wall shelving options. With the limited space of the studio kits, you do not have the liberty to introduce bulky furniture with maximum storage. So, the most reasonable way out is to look for ways to make the space look bigger by taking the accessory furniture off the floor. The wall shelves are extremely effective as they can be used to store books, plants, and pictures while they turn the bare walls into functional storage solutions and enhance their appearance. 

L-shaped sectional sofa:

If you are aware of the design of an L-shaped sofa, you must know how functional and space-saving they are. They can easily fit into a corner without taking much floor space visually, yet offer a comfortable sitting and resting space for the inhabitants. However, you must make sure that you choose a design with tall and narrow legs, as when you can see underneath the sofa, you get a spacious appearance and feel of the room. 

Fold-down table:

Fold-down tables are one of the most effective space-saving furniture to consider. The wall-mounted fold-down tables help keep the floor space clean for foot traffic while offering functionality. You can get more creative with the design by adding a wall-mounted display space that will add to the aesthetics of the interior. 

Murphy beds:

Murphy beds have emerged as one of the most efficient and functional interior solutions of contemporary times. With space becoming a luxury, Murphy beds are the one option that can be converted as multi-functional furniture, offering multiple uses. For example, you can fold the bed into the wall using a hinge while saving floor space throughout the day or design it as a working desk that opens up as a bed for the night. 

Under-the-bed or above-door storage:

One of the most convenient space-saving options is to look for options that use up space already in use. You can add storage baskets under your bed to organize things or install shelves above the doors to organize or store things for easy access. 

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