Live the solo life comfortably in DIY cabin kits

Oct 20, 2022

Living solo need not be agonizing if you choose to enjoy inside the tiny house on trailer kit. Mobile homes make living fun and bring adventure. However, many prefer to have DIY cabin kits built on a foundation as they offer more security. In addition, you need not stress over the permits and ordinances laid down by the local municipalities of different districts. BOSS Tiny House offers customers to buy affordable tiny house kits that arrive customized and adhere to the laws of the land. The durable tiny homes make living solo enjoyable, less stressful, safe, and comfortable. While stick-built houses have a fan following, little do the enthusiasts know that there are more cons than pros. Here are a few reasons why living solo in tiny homes is more ideal than staying inside stick-built houses. 

Fewer chances of fire accidents 

The wooden stick-built structures are not fire resistant and can speed up fire accidents. In addition, the wooden materials are highly combustible and not ideal for solo living. On the other hand, the BOSS tiny house on trailer kit made from ASTM-certified galvanized steel is fire resistant as they get manufactured from self-extinguishing, non-combustible materials. As a result, the tiny homes do not catch fire and have Class 1 fire-rated resistivity. Investing in a tiny fireproof home rather than the conventional wooden stick-built structures, will keep you safe from electric short circuits and fire accidents. 


Durable and earthquake-resistant tiny homes 

The DIY cabin kits are earthquake resistant and highly durable. The durable structures do not rot, rust, attract termites, absorb moisture or develop mold. The waterproof cabins offer excellent PIR home-grade insulation and can control climatic fluctuations. The high-grade galvanized steel used for manufacturing the tiny homes offers longevity, and the 2” walls meet Title 24 Certification. In contrast, the stick-built houses have a different story to tell. The wooden stick-built houses are durable only if you waterproof and paint the walls and ceilings every few months. The stick-built homes have questionable durability as longevity is highly dependent on maintenance. A poorly maintained, stick-built house will offer inadequate insulation and fall apart within a year. The stick-built homes already perform poorly as the 4” walls barely meet Title 24 certification, proving that these buildings are not ideal for comfortable living. 

Safety and security – A huge priority 

If you are looking for a sustainable solo life with adequate safety and security, then buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS Tiny House. The kits are designed to last longer and have ADA-compliant, deadbolt-locked doors and double-pane locked windows. The kits are CA-certified and FM-approved and have a low carbon footprint. The DIY kits are quality-tested and easily installed within 3 days with the help of only 2 laborers. The tiny houses meet international quality parameters and are ideal for solo living in the US. On the other side, stick-built homes can offer customization, but the installation is laborious, slow, and expensive. Safety is not a concern for stick-built houses, only if you are willing to spend a fortune to get the structure designed articulately as per specifications. 

Final Thoughts


BOSS Tiny Homes has a 3-year warranty and comes in standard or customizable sizes. You can get them in larger or smaller units based on specifications. Book a free consultation today. Request a quote. 







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