Jeremy the Father of Twins Built a Portable Tiny House Man Cave for Some Private Space

Nov 28, 2019

The coveted man cave is a place for dads and dudes to leave behind everything and find solitude, build, tinker or read. Although the term might conjure up images of wood-paneled rec rooms and dank basements, the modern man cave has so much more to offer and Jeremy Irons shows the way.

Jeremy is a proud and happy father of twins. He loves his kids and his wife, but sometimes just wants to leave all of that behind and have a good time with his friends, shooting hoops and putting golf ball while being at an arm’s length to whenever his wife needs him. So, Jeremy availed BOSS’ tiny house on wheels kit and customized it to reflect his lifestyle and taste. He also requested the service of two of our experienced tiny home builders and we eagerly obliged.

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Jeremy did not build the man cave to serve as a full-time tiny house. He simply wanted a private space where he can have a good time with his friends, and sometimes his wife used the space to have a good time with her friends. Our 8.5 X 20 ft tiny house is the hangout place where they stop being parents, and just unwind.

So, our tiny house on wheels builders helped Jeremy assemble and build the man cave in 3 days. Once we assembled all the parts and laid the foundation, Jeremy started to decorate it as per his taste and style. The exterior of the man cave sports a dartboard and basketball hoop while he placed a ladder to access the rooftop deck. Yes, he also got a rooftop deck because he loves to sit under the sun and sip on cold beverages with his friends.

At the rear end, he installed a pair of storage doors and when that is opened, a slide-out BBQ reveals itself while the other provides access to the washing area and the electrical generator. We offered him an off-grid upgrade to allow him to run wall outlets and lights on a battery when his electric generator would be turned off.

Jeremy truly put his heart and soul into decorating this man cave and had already done all the research himself as we were extremely surprised to find him install removal ramps so that he could drive a small dirt bike inside the man cave. We decided to steal this idea for our next customer!

Even though he did not leave much living space inside the tiny house, he did have space to put in a tiny putting strip where he and his friends can swing a golf club. Though, this is for novelty and fun, and not for serious golfers. Also, he installed a few storage cubbies inside the walls and got a freezer, sink and burner.

Jeremy’s man cave is a huge hit among his friends and also his wife.

If you have something like this in your mind, contact BOSS.

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