Invest in DIY cabin kits and not the wooden stick-built houses – Choose like a BOSS!

Oct 07, 2022

Downsizing is the trend, and it’s also conducive to the budget. To embrace minimalism, you do not have to spend a fortune buying DIY cabin kits. Whether you wish to buy affordable tiny house kits for some extra space or invest in DIY homes for turning them into Airbnb rentals, BOSS Tiny House is the one-stop destination. We offer high-quality, lightweight tiny house on trailer kit and homes built on a foundation at factory-direct rates, shipped within 4 to 6 weeks. However, many confuse tiny homes with traditional stick-built buildings. Both these prefab structures aren’t the same and have strikingly different features. Here are a few reasons to invest in tiny homes instead of traditional wooden stick-built houses. 

Durability and maintenance 

The high-quality DIY cabin kits made from ASTM-certified galvanized steel are extremely durable and strong. The tiny home structures don’t rust, rot, mold, or attract termites. The kits have a 3-year warranty and are manufactured with the finest quality materials to last a lifetime. The high-quality tiny home kits are FM-approved and come with Class 1 fire rating efficiency as they get manufactured using premium-grade self-extinguishing materials. In addition, the tiny home structures are CA-certified, and the resistivity to mold, mildew, and rust makes them extremely low maintenance.


On the other hand, the traditional favorite stick-built homes made from wooden structures are inclined to rotting, molding, termite infestation, and bowing. The stick-built structures are high maintenance and need waterproofing and painting to enhance longevity and strength. The wooden structures of stick-built ones are combustible and do not assure safety from fire outbreaks. Rather than spending your money on maintaining the stick-built houses, invest in durable, strong tiny homes that require minimal upkeep and provide high functionality. 


When you buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS, then the installation is a DIY job and hassle-free. You can tag a friend for the installation or hire 2 laborers to set up the home. The DIY BOSS Kits have a user-friendly installation guide that makes the job simpler and cost-effective. It takes only 3 days to install the tiny home kits. The kits have preinstalled electrical and plumbing units that make a comfortable living while on the go! The tiny house on the trailer kit is lightweight, and the installation is fun. On the other hand, stick-built structures get installed slowly and conventionally, which is laborious and time-consuming. It takes days to set up stick-built homes and is also pretty expensive. 

Insulation and energy efficiency 

Last but most important is the thermal insulation inside the tiny homes. BOSS home structures offer excellent PIR insulation, directly affecting energy consumption. The home-grade insulation can lower energy consumption and increase the home’s energy efficiency. The 2″ walls of BOSS Tiny House meet and exceed Title 24 Certification. In contrast, the stick-built structures offer poor thermal insulation and cannot control external weather conditions from affecting the indoor environment. The stick-built houses are not weatherproof. The 4″ walls of the stick-built homes hardly reach Title 24 Certification. The poor energy efficiency of stick-built homes makes them hugely expensive in the long run as you spend more on energy bills than anticipated. 

Final Words

Whether you are looking to downsize or invest in a tiny Airbnb rental apartment, it’s wise to choose BOSS Tiny House. Our kits are available in all standard or customizable sizes, but you can customize them in larger or smaller ones depending on the design and layout of the structures. In addition, tiny homes are not small, as you can get various sizes. The size chart range from 70-800sqft and comes in 7′, 10′, 14′, and 20′ widths. Request a quote now. 







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