Invest in a tiny house shell and have your own space for pursuing your profession

Jun 24, 2021

We are all getting used to the new-normal and you are trying hard to adapt to the changes. Consider having a personal space if you are taking online classes from home. You simply cannot teach amidst distractions and imagine if your kids are taking online classes too. 

Even if you belong to any other sector, work from home is a challenge and requires a peaceful ambience. It is not a wise idea to shift to a bigger space. Instead, you can use the yard space to have a space of your own. Tiny homes are an excellent idea for those who are looking for some more space within the budget. The amount you spend on owning a space is a big deal. This is the reason why many drop the idea of owning a space.

Design Yours

Do you know that you can build a tiny house all by yourself? 

The idea seems to be amazing, isn’t it? Tiny home kits are available in the market from various manufacturers.  But how will you identify renowned manufacturers in your locality? Here is BOSS Tiny House, one of the biggest manufacturers of affordable tiny house kits. BOSS has interacted with many professionals and entrepreneurs who took interest in building tiny homes. Who said only masons are meant to erect construction? It could be fun spending a weekend building your own tiny house. You could save costs of labor by building the structure yourself.  

Bigger tiny house shell kit

A BOSS tiny house shell is spacious enough and comes in two sizes: 16’x 40′ and 24’x 80’. So, now tiny homes are not very tiny anymore. You can choose the size according to your requirements. We suggest that if you are teaching alone in a single space, the 16’x40’ is enough for it. But if you are planning to accommodate 2-3 employees or if 3-5 clients would visit the space, we would recommend 24’x 80’. We can customize your tiny house kit according to your requirements. A tiny house can be comfortable, serene, calm or lively, fun and entertaining.

BOSS – Built-on-site-systems

BOSS’s tiny house shells are made from insulated and ASTM certified steel structures. The interior walls are vinyl-coated and the outside walls are also made from vinyl. The doors and windows have secure locks that offer complete safety. You can build a tiny house on the foundation in your backyard or have a portable one on wheels. BOSS stands for ‘Built on Site System’ and provides you with an easy-to-assemble, DIY space that can be built within 3 days. The DIY kit needs only 2 people to assemble the tiny home kit. These homes come with a 3-year warranty and have pre-installed electrical and plumbing fittings.

BOSS has the Tiny House Home Loan for those who are looking for financing options. The loan takes a few minutes to get approved post checking the eligibility.

Have a consultation with the BOSS experts

Are you looking for a tiny house shell kit? The kits are shipped in wooden crates for safety. Talk to the BOSS experts for a free consultation. Request for a quote.

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