Innovative Ways to Turn the Tiny House in Your Backyard as the Perfect Summer Home

Nov 07, 2023

If you are fond of summers and want to make the most out of those hot months, this is the ideal time to start planning likewise. With winter almost here, you get ample time to start planning and implementing a comfortable and convenient summer house. Converting the main house into a season-specific accommodation does not make sense as it will demand a severe makeover. The ideal way out is to install a tiny house in the backyard and design the summer space around it. And when the best tiny house kits are concerned, trust BOSS for a seamless experience. 

To make your summers a memorable family affair, you need not always look out for exotic getaway locations. You can have the experience of a lifetime by vibing in your backyard with the right setup. In this blog, we will discuss the ways in which you can transform the tiny house into the perfect summer accommodation.


Why choose the tiny houses for your summer accommodation?

Minimalist design and efficient use of space make the tiny houses a trending housing solution. In addition to offering a compact living experience throughout the year, these houses can be transformed into an ideal summer living space. With a little creativity and innovative touches, the tiny houses can be the perfect summer abode. 

The convenient design and the open layout of these homes are ideal for customization as per requirement. Moreover, since these homes are equipped with weather-friendly fenestrations and roof designs, they are safe and cozy for different weather variations. Check out some innovative ideas for your summer house transformation:

Expand with outdoor living space:

The best part about summer is the warmth and bright outdoors that have their own magic. One step towards embracing the summer is to expand the space beyond the boundaries of the tiny houses. Creating additional outdoor spaces with patios, decks, and gardens can provide an inviting and comforting experience. These extensions can help add extra space for a family dining experience or relaxing while soaking in the sun.

Customize for better exposure to natural light:

Another creative way of getting your tiny house summer-ready is to optimize it for more natural lights. Choose customizations that include bigger windows, glass doors, and skylights to maximize the flow of natural light. The best tiny house kits have customizable options and help create a more airy and bright space by connecting you with the summer scenery.

Invest in breezy and fresh decors and themes:

The coastal-themed interior can bring the perfect summer vibe to your tiny house. Additionally, incorporate soft colors and undertones for soft furnishings, nautical elements, and natural materials to create a fresh and relaxing experience. Moreover, opting for an elevated sleeping loft will allow more free space and help provide a unique summer camping experience. 

Choose comfortable and soft furniture that helps you to unwind and relax rather than hard plastic chairs. Look out for a wide range of lounging furniture like glider chairs, outdoor couches, and relaxing rockers. 

Enjoy with a portable outdoor shower:

Can’t get enough of the summer months? Ensure a more private experience with a portable shower setup to enjoy a refreshing shower under the open sky. This is a fantastic addition and allows an innovative way to enjoy summer living. 

Add garden and outdoor entertainment elements: 

Since the idea is to enjoy the bright light and soak in the sun, incorporating more outdoor elements is the key to achieving a summer-friendly experience. Designing the backyard with more greens and making arrangements for projectors and screens for entertainment can help you spend more time outdoors. You can also opt for a zen garden for a more sophisticated exterior. 

Embrace solar power and go off-grid:

Apart from all the fun and comfort that summer has to offer, it also allows you to minimize your carbon footprint for a more sustainable living experience. Choose to go off-grid by installing solar panels and producing your own electricity. This is not only an eco-friendly decision but also offers a more reliable energy source. 

BOSS tiny homes make for great summer abode

When looking for the best tiny house kits, BOSS is your one-stop solution for tiny homes. BOSS prioritizes quality, convenience, and accessibility with their tiny home models. Plus, BOSS tiny homes meet the international building codes and come with permit packages. BOSS also offers flexible payment options with their tie-up with CustomFin. So, get your tiny house today and design for those summer comforts. Get in touch at 323-870-6678.








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