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Jun 26, 2023

A tiny house was invented to eradicate homelessness in the USA. But no sooner it became a well-accepted way of getting rid of space crunch issues. Tiny homes are less expensive compared to traditional structures for which you pay a hefty amount. It has brought about a lifestyle of conscious living that has long-lasting advantages. Tiny homes built out of the best tiny house kits are environmentally friendly, offer mobility, and are less expensive to build.

Having a tiny house offers financial relief in the current scenario where there are fewer savings and more personal debt. This is suffocating and many are attempting to emerge from such standards by not renting but investing in tiny homes. Many are managing lodging instabilities and some are searching for extra space to send off their business. A viable option may be an affordable tiny house.

Are mortgages and loans too much for you?

Do you want to own a tiny house without having to pay up front? We are aware of the significance of our customers, BOSS will always satisfy you. We construct small spaces so that you can make the most of them. BOSS is here to help you buy a tiny house right when you need it. You could purchase a tiny house shell or a prefab tiny house kit. We will assist you with our lucrative financing plans. CustomFin and BOSS have collaborated to provide numerous financing options. There are in excess of 300 moneylenders, the installment plans are adaptable and the loan fees are essentially as low as 3.99%.


Present day minimalistic living spaces – simple to-tweak structures

A cutting-edge minimalistic BOSS tiny homes are enabled with electrical and plumbing fixtures. We manufacture eco-friendly structures in the form of cabins, home offices, kid’s play areas, and accessory dwelling units using cutting-edge technology. Using prefab technology, our engineers construct a sturdy structure. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny home units that are ready to assemble. We manufacture shells and bring you closer to achieving your goals. We provide you with a pre-made structure to make customization simpler. Tiny house shell kits come in a variety of styles, sizes, and layouts. You could likewise be keen on prepared prefab tiny houses that are finished and given over to you within a stipulated timeframe.

Sustainable tiny homes at Boss Tiny House

Because going small can be a good choice, many people are looking at their needs and trying to live with more purpose. You can save more money and have more freedom by living small. BOSS Tiny House offers a solution to those embracing minimalistic living spaces. When we build our homes, we use 35% recycled plastic. Over the past two decades, BOSS has been providing solutions for tiny homes. Automated processes enable us to mass produce customized tiny spaces.

Wrapping up – reach out to us

Our best tiny house kits comply with all international and Californian building codes. A tiny house could be an added space along with investment scope, or it can be a great option to live off the grid. BOSS is one of the leaders in manufacturing tiny house kits. Our kits and tiny homes are shipped directly to you that helps to save the total project time and cost. With the best tiny house kits, you can make your own space. Get a price quote.








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