How to Go Green with the Best Tiny House Kits?

Apr 19, 2024

Buying the best tiny house kits for your property is not enough to ensure that it is environmentally friendly. What comes next is to incorporate and meet some green goals that cater to the requirements of sustainability and positive environmental effects. A study shows that the buildings alone contribute to 39% of the overall carbon footprint of the United States. In such scenarios, it is inevitable that you must be more responsible towards constructing new buildings and spaces and choose environmentally friendly structures.

One thing that you can do to contribute your bit towards achieving a greener planet is to replace traditional constructions with prefab home kits. The tiny house kits are an ideal alternative to traditional constructions when you need extra space on your property. These structures are delivered in kits and are easy to install onsite with little or no help. In this post, we have tried to find out the different ways in which you can work towards building a greener property with your tiny house kits.


Things to consider for a greener space:

Windows and doors to the rescue

The first thing to consider while designing an eco-friendly tiny home is to ensure that the doors and windows eliminate the scope of air escaping the interior. Well-insulated doors and windows are the key to achieving an insulated space and efficiently working heating and cooling system for your tiny home. Moreover, choosing the tiny house kit from a reliable and experienced manufacturer will ensure better quality and a well-designed structure with no prominent cracks for the air to escape. 

Designing a bio-toilet

Ordinary toilets consume about 1.6 gallons of water for every flush and do not make for an eco-friendly option. However, you can upgrade the system with WaterSense labeling for efficient water usage. Besides, you can also vouch for composting toilets that use no water at all and produce nutrient-rich soil. 

Embrace solar options

Solar energy solutions are one of the most reliable options for green energy that reduces the carbon footprint and ensures an energy-independent structure. Many homeowners are opting for off-grid energy sources and are turning to renewable options for a streamlined solution. Besides, solar options come with significant savings in the form of federal rebates as part of the green initiative. With the use of solar energy, you can ensure energy freedom and also save on energy expenses.

Go with the prefab structures

The best tiny house kits are prefab structures that are completely manufactured and designed in a factory. Being made in a factory, they eliminate the scope of the mindless amount of waste generation that is associated with conventional construction. The prefab structures are more of a sustainable solution that can be customized to cater to green requirements for the property.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances

Finally, you can invest in energy-efficient, convenient, and environmentally sound appliances. It is essential that you prioritize the energy performance of your appliances and consider the energy star level while investing in an appliance. 

BOSS tiny house kits are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution

While you can incorporate the above-mentioned solutions into your tiny house kit to achieve a greener space, you must also consider buying the kits from a reputed manufacturer. BOSS is a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer that prioritizes commercial-grade manufacturing with class 1 fire safety. BOSS brings the best tiny house kits at flexible payment options from CustomFin. BOSS tiny house kits come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty and meet the California building codes.








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