How can the simple ADU kits provide an easy and quick income stream?

Jun 14, 2022

The pandemic has drained many families financially, but you can recover by cleverly investing your money. Buy ADU kits and choose passive income to support your needs. The tiny house kits are self-contained living spaces that you can rent out on Airbnb. The tiny home kits are now readily available at BOSS within your budget. Tiny home kits for sale come with attractive offers that shouldn’t be missed. It’s advisable to choose BOSS homes rather than stick-built ones for various reasons. Here are a few things that make BOSS homes a popular choice among Americans.

Do the Math – Know your tenant

Most people choosing to live in tiny house kits are looking for affordable accommodation. Renting out on Airbnb is easy, but you cannot afford to invest a huge amount of money in purchasing tiny home kits. The stick-built tiny homes are quite expensive and would take longer to install. Rather choose BOSS ADU kits that are more economical, and the installation takes only 3 days with the help of 2 laborers.

The BOSS homes offer DIY installation, and the prefab structures arrive fully customized with all the permit clearances. Installing BOSS homes are fast DIY Lego-like assembling, while the stick-built tiny houses have a slow conventional installation that’s more laborious, time-consuming, and pricey.


Since the tenants are looking for tiny spaces and offer minimum rent, BOSS homes prove to be a worthy investment for generating passive income.

Choose a flexible financial scheme for buying BOSS homes

The tiny home kits for sale come at low prices, but consider taking financial help from lenders if you are skeptical about making an investment right now. BOSS Tiny House has partnered with CustomFin to offer potential customers varied financial options and flexible payment plans. About 300+ lenders on the platform are willing to give you loans with rates as low as 3.99%.

BOSS homes come with a 5-year warranty and are highly durable. The customized tiny homes are tailor-made to suit specific needs and aligned with your budget. By choosing BOSS homes, you can rent out the space and generate cash flow to pay out the mortgage in monthly installments while still making profits.

On the other hand, stick-built homes are expensive, and you might not get loan benefits from the manufacturers. Investing in stick-built homes isn’t a great choice to generate passive income, considering the installation and manufacturing process is pricey. Stick to BOSS Tiny House for providing ADU kits within your budget and with mortgage benefits.

BOSS tiny home kits – A sustainable choice

The low-maintenance tiny house kits from BOSS are highly durable with 2″ walls that exceed Title 24 certification. The steel doors and roofs offer great insulation, and the FM-approved Class 1 fire rating ensures excellent fire resistivity. BOSS homes have pre-painted waterproof interiors and exteriors that don’t mold, rot, or rust and ensure a low carbon footprint. The sizes of tiny homes is standard, but you can go smaller and bigger depending on requirements.

On the other hand, the stick-built homes are high maintenance as the wooden structures tend to mold, rot and attract moisture. The 4″ walls hardly meet the Title 24 certifications and are not a good energy-efficient choice. The stick-built homes made from combustible wooden materials are not fire-resistant and require painting and waterproofing. The high carbon footprint of stick-built homes makes them an inferior choice to BOSS Tiny Houses.

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