How can ADU kits be an advantage if you have a yard around your property?

Jun 18, 2021

The need for space is now becoming a huge challenge and you are already aware of the soaring property prices and the scarcity of space. What will be your solution if you require a little more space inside your home? Renting a new one can be an expensive affair. Homeowners in the USA have some relief because tiny houses are a popular solution to solve space issues.

ADU is an accessory dwelling unit that is attached to the existing house. It is a tiny house solution for all budget homeowners. Tiny homes are mainly for those who are planning to make a sound investment. 

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ADU can solve space issues – you can try out 

BOSS in the USA is manufacturing affordable tiny house kits which are easy to install. Traditional building techniques require expertise and masonry skills. But DIY ADU kits are simple to install and it is a prefabricated concept. All the kits are manufactured inside our factory, and the assembling is done onsite. BOSS kits come with an easy manual for seamless assembling. Accessory dwelling units are attached to the main property, but you can also consider it a standalone structure. It is very easy if you are planning to attach an ADU to your house and if you have yard space. But this gets difficult when you are living in an apartment. 

Customized and bigger tiny house shells

BOSS has designed customized tiny home kits to build a studio, ADU, cabin, home office and play space for kids. Our kits are DIY transformable and the installation process is very simple. The shell can make your work easier because more than half of it is done and you need to install it. Two people can install the kit in only three days. Now BOSS kits are not tiny anymore; now BOSS kits are bigger. The size of our structures ranges from 16’x 40′ and 24′ x 80. We encourage DIY installations and BOSS stands for built-on-site systems. 

Avail the Tiny House Loan

Build an ADU on wheels or foundation; it depends on your requirement. Many rent out the ADU for tourists or for the short term when it is not in use. Before you leap, it is important to know about the zoning laws, taxes, maintenance costs, upfront expenses and the property market. 

BOSS has introduced the easy financing option for those who require loans and urgently own tiny home kits for sale. We have a financing department looking into all your related queries. We check the eligibility and approve the loan in less than 5 minutes. This financing option has been so helpful to many who could not afford to buy tiny home kits in a single investment. 

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Please get in touch with the BOSS experts for advanced ADU kits and tiny home solutions. The shipping process is prompt, and the kits are packed in wooden crates to prevent any damage. We have the BOSS website for all information and a team to solve all your queries. Spend more time researching about BOSS kits and the advantages—request a quote.

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