How are pre-built tiny house shells a cost-saving initiative?

Feb 02, 2024

Most people invest in a tiny house to downsize and save on surging expenses. Sometimes a prefab tiny house might cost you more and kits can be a little hassle. However, you can buy a tiny house shell instead and make a wise decision financially. A tiny house shell will come with the exterior structure, offering you respite in the expenses and liberty of designing the interiors per your taste.


Difference between a tiny house kit and a tiny house shell:

The pre-built tiny house shells are basically the finished exterior of a tiny house. On the other hand, a tiny house kit comes with completely done exteriors and interiors for your convenience. The tiny house shells are economical and allow you to custom-design the interiors, enhancing your creative skills. 

Furthermore, the tiny house shell is versatile and can be built on a foundation or a trailer per your requirements. Some homeowners even opt for RV models that serve as traveling homes. These exterior structures of a tiny home are significantly economical and can help you save money when you are desperate to downsize.

The versatile uses of a tiny house shell:

As mentioned, the tiny house shells are versatile, from accommodating different foundations to serving different purposes. There are different ways to use a tiny house shell for sale, like creating an office or additional space to accommodate guests, hosting a party, homeschooling, creating a home for teenagers, or taking care of ailing parents. 

When you receive a finished exterior structure, you can design the interior to meet your purpose and create a functional and practical space. The tiny house shells are a practical choice apart from being economical, as they allow you to work on the interiors and reflect your style through them. 

Case study on how tiny house shell is a cost-effective option:

While there is much evidence that homeowners have embraced financial relaxation and saved big by choosing tiny house shells over a tiny house kit, we will look at the inspiring story of the Anderson family.

How did a tiny house shell eliminate the financial burden from the Anderson family?

The Andersons, a family of three with a dog, found themselves in a financial crisis when Mr. Anderson lost his job to a ruthless layout. The family had a school-going kid and a dog to care for and survived on Mrs. Anderson’s modest earnings. Then, they decided to make some major cost-cutting initiatives, and moving out of the spacious house was one of them. 

However, when the Anderson family looked out for tiny house options, they found it pretty expensive with the interiors designed by the manufacturers. A friend suggested they buy a tiny house shell instead, and that proved to be an economical decision. Rather than going for a fully furnished house, they brought a tiny house shell and did the interiors at their own pace and convenience, depending on the budget. Cut to three years of shifting to a tiny house, they are happily settled in their compact new house with an aesthetically designed space. They chose to save when dealing with financial constraints and eventually designed the space when things were back to normal. This also allowed them to create a space and design every corner per their requirement without compromising. 

Wrapping up:

Pre-built tiny house shells are many things in addition to being affordable. They are easy to clean and maintain and help to adopt energy-saving initiatives through smart decisions. Get in touch with BOSS Tiny Houses to order your tiny house shell and unleash your creativity with the interiors.








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