Hosting house parties inside the DIY cabin kits

Aug 03, 2022

The DIY cabin kits make the space look cozy and comfortable for house parties. The small property is an added advantage to entertaining guests without breaching the privacy of other family members. You can buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS to host the most epic parties of your life. All you need is to opt for customization and make the preparations smartly. The custom-made tiny house on trailer kit or foundation-built structures is perfect for a safe, secure, and enjoyable house party. If you have guests staying over, then tiny homes from BOSS are ideal, with the perfect amenities to make them feel at home. Here are a few reasons why tiny homes are so loved for hosting house parties.


A clutter-free space 

The DIY cabin kits promise a clutter-free space that’s easy to clean and maintain. The cabin kits have structures made from galvanized steel that are corrosion-free and do not rot, mold absorbs moisture, or attract termites. The tiny homes require minimal maintenance and no professional assistance is necessary for cleaning. The kits are easy to assemble within 3 days and require only 2 skilled laborers for the job. The home kits from BOSS have a user-friendly installation manual that ensures a seamless setup without hassles.

Durable and strong tiny home structures 

Buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS as they are designed keeping longevity in mind. BOSS tiny home kits have double tempered glass, PIR insulated steel walls, and fitted doors. The prefab structures meet International Building Codes and are FM-approved, CA-certified, and ASTM-certified. In addition, the tiny homes are fireproof, earthquake-resistant, and offer great insulation to ensure the outside climate doesn’t affect the indoor ambiance.

Affordable tiny homes 

The cash crunch shouldn’t stop you from buying a tiny house on a trailer kit. BOSS tiny home structures are highly affordable. BOSS has even tied up with CustomFin to offer customized, flexible payment plans for every customer. There are around 300+ moneylenders who are willing to offer you loans with interest rates as minimal as 3.99%. The CustomFin payment plans make tiny living affordable for the masses.

Better than regular stick-built houses 

Although tiny homes are quite popular, people often confuse them with stick-built houses. However, the tiny home structures are way better and more durable than stick-built homes. Firstly, installing tiny homes is quicker, and the DIY LEGO-like assembling saves time and money. On the other side, stick-built homes have a laborious slow installation that’s more expensive and time-consuming. Secondly, the tiny homes from BOSS are resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and bacteria. In contrast, stick-built houses are made from combustible wooden materials that catch flames easily, mold, rot, and end up attracting termites. Lastly, the tiny homes have pre-painted waterproof interior and exterior walls and roofs, and the 2” walls exceed Title 24 Certification. On the other hand, stick-built homes require waterproofing and painting separately. The stick-built structures have 4” walls to meet title 24 certification barely. All these differences make tiny homes a better alternative to traditional stick-built houses.

Final words

The BOSS Tiny Home has a standard size, but you can order them smaller or bigger depending on your requirements. The pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems ensure you have a good time with your friends and family while partying. BOSS tiny homes come in all sizes, shapes, and layouts. Request a quote now.







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