Heather’s interior design consultancy firm is now a reality – All thanks to BOSS’ DIY shell plus kit

Mar 17, 2020

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 desk job, not everyone likes to have a boss or travel to the office daily. One fine example is Heather, a lady who was passionate about starting her own studio. 

Heather was going to be made partner in a well-known interior design firm in New York, but she thought that she had enough. She wanted to come back to California and start a design firm of her own. Unfortunately, however, fancy her job position was, the pay wasn’t enough to rent out a high-end office space and start her business. But, she had already turned in her resignation and there was no turning back. 

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Once back home in California, she started searching for office spaces to rent. She hit a dead end every time she liked a property, either due to the high monthly rental or because of the distance from her home. When she was on the verge of giving up, her friend suggested BOSS. We were extremely happy to get a call from her and walked her through our tiny house shell plus kit.

Our shell plus product comes in two sizes and she chose the 8.5’x26’ variant over the 8.5’x20’ one as she wanted a spacious office. She told us that she was particularly happy about how environment-friendly our shell plus kits were. If you are wondering why, it is because our kit comes with insulated panels and walls. So, when the exterior and the interior walls and panels are insulated, you can save on energy bills. The insulated walls will keep you comfortable throughout the year. 

Heather was a bit concerned about the robustness of the roof before she committed to buy a tiny house shell from us, but we assured her that the roof of our shell plus kit has gone through rigorous testing. We have put it through the snow load test to make sure that the roof is strong enough to handle adverse weather conditions. Our tests have revealed that the roof can withstand 30 lbs/sq ft of snow. 

Another interesting fact about our DIY shell plus kit is the high ceiling. Very few tiny house providers can offer you that. The high ceiling can accommodate two to three tall people and as she plans to hire some associates to work under her, this arrangement seemed perfect to her. 

So, Heather went through our tiny house shell for sale and ordered herself a kit, which we shipped out to her immediately in a wooden crate. The shell plus kit arrived in one piece and as she opened the crate, she found that the frames and panels were already pre-cut. We do this so that the installation process becomes hassle-free. 

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Heather took 3 days to assemble our tiny house shell plus kit and she made use of her creativity to breathe life into her workspace, which has a small dinette area, a dedicated space to entertain her clients and a fully functional bathroom. As she is an interior designer and this space was going to be her workplace, she designed it beautifully so that clients will be impressed with what she has done. Heather also mentioned to the BOSS professionals exactly where she needed the electrical and plumbing supply line, and we customized it for her. 

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