Having a compact property of your own – Invest in DIY tiny house kits

Jan 10, 2023

Are you worried about high rents and rising property prices? You might be thinking of owning a property but the price is exorbitant. Many people have settled for tiny houses because they wanted a space of their own and within the budget. Modern tiny homes are not tinier but they can be customized. It is true that these homes are not extremely large ones like the brick-and-mortar buildings. But downsizing has plenty of advantages and the most important one is cost-cutting. We literally do not require very huge spaces to live. Also, the more the space, the greater the clutter. BOSS, prefab tiny homes literally teach you to downsize. The theory of minimalism is very practical and makes a lot of sense.

BOSS tiny Homes meet the building codes

BOSS is one of the biggest manufacturers of DIY tiny house kits. We offer premium prebuilt tiny homes for sustainable living. Our tiny houses are durable as they are made from galvanized steel and corrosion-resistant panels. Our experts offer flawless fabrication and custom designs that make your home stand out from the rest. The BOSS panels are manufactured in a way that supports quick assembling. We use PIR insulated panels that offer climate-control features and have a fire-resistant core for complete safety from hazards. The houses are Title 24 Certified and energy-efficient. BOSS focuses on green technology so that there is the least carbon footprint and waste during manufacturing. Our tiny houses meet the California Building Codes.


Easy financing from CustomFin

We understand your urgency to own a tiny house for shelter, business, rentals, or any other purpose. Funds can be a problem, but that should not stop you from owning a tiny house the moment you need to. A lot of customers are also skeptical about paying entirely upfront, so we have flexible plans for you. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer easy financing options. There are more than 300 lenders who are willing to give home loans at low-interest rates. The lowest interest rate is 3.99%, and the flexible financing solutions are designed for every budget. You can access thousands of financing options to get a tiny house of your dreams.

Embrace tiny house living

Gone are those days when tiny homes used to be shelters for those who did not have homes. The tiny house market has expanded vastly and now these are preferred by people who like to own a space within the budget. Uncountable people in the USA and all over the world have embraced this concept for all the advantages. It is wise to shift to minimalism and save more money for other purposes. BOSS homes are available in different shapes, sizes and layouts. 

Final wordsBOSS in California is well-known for manufacturing modern tiny houses and best tiny house kits. BOSS delivers customized tiny homes within 4 to 6 weeks and they come with a 3-year warranty. Our structures are available at factory-direct prices. Request a quote now. Book a consultation today to learn more.







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