Have your own home office or business space with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Aug 13, 2020

Modern living tends to shift to small apartments or homes with hardly any extra space. Every square foot counts, the cost of spaces has become excessively expensive. So, most people are suffering due to a lack of space. For instance, you wish to start with a small business, but you do not have significant funds, and you also do not have space to begin with. Imagine how great it would be if you had an additional storage space to start, so you would not have to think of renting one.

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 BOSS Tiny homes – a budget solution

AT BOSS we cater to various clients, there are so many who come running to us for a solution. We have offered tiny homes to such clients who got depressed, thinking they have to quit their business plans due to lack of space. So, if you have similar requirements, you could be interested in tiny house kits for sale. BOSS manufactures various types of tiny house kits. You have to specify your requirements, and we would offer an ideal solution. 

 Why invest in the Shell Plus kit?

Now we have good news for you; it has been a few months since we launched the most modern invention from BOSS Tiny House. The DIY transformable Shel Plus kit helps you build your ADU, cabin, storage space, home office, play space, in-law suite, and more. This advanced kit comes with a 3 years warranty and takes only 3 days for installation if two people install it. BOSS is offering the highest quality tiny house shell for sale at the most affordable pricing. The most significant advantage of this kit is the Shell Plus comes with plumbing and electrical facilities already installed. So, this saves the additional hassle of getting those done by a contractor and the expenses. 

We have the financing aid for you

If you are looking for additional space and do not have sufficient funds to invest in a brick and mortar space, this Shell Plus kit is for you. BOSS also offers easy and instant financing for the clients. Even you can apply for the Tiny House loan and get it approved within minutes. Once you qualify for it, you would be entitled to the loan. We understand your requirements, and we believe that you should own a tiny house when you have the requirements. 

 We take care of your requirements

Affordability is the key; our Shell kit is available in two sizes, 8.5’x20’aviailable at $9995 and the other 8.5’x20’ at $12995. Some of the exclusive features include 

  • Faster installation DIY – only in 3 days by 2 people
  • Spacious interior with a tall ceiling
  • Steel construction, well-insulated interior, and exterior
  • Kit comes with plumbing and electrical installation
  • This kit can be mounted on trailer and foundation
  • Very affordable can be customized and financing available
  • The interior is well planned and secure, ideal for living as well 

Choose BOSS over any other

Buy a tiny house shell from BOSS Tiny House; we offer you high-value kits. We are leading manufacturers of tiny homes and portable buildings. Invest in our kits, build it yourself, or have contractors to assemble it for you on your site—request for a quote.

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