Granny Pods – High-Tech Backyard Cottage for the Elderly

Sep 19, 2019

It is not easy to find a place for Dad and Mom to live out their golden years. The options are slim and sometimes, very expensive. From a financial standpoint, nursing homes and assisted living homes might not make perfect sense – plus, letting aging parents live out their last few years all alone may cause a lot of guilt and anxiety issues for some families. And while there are adult children who welcome Grandpa and Grandma into their homes with open arms, others may not have space.

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This is when building a DIY tiny home granny pod comes in handy. Granny pods are also referred to as in-law suite or portable nursing home built in the backyard of the caregiver.

Essentially, think of granny pods as high-end guest houses where Mom and Dad can live out their last few years close to the family. They can be installed in the backyard so that it gives them the independence that they need to live with dignity while having people nearby when there is any kind of medical issue.

Tiny house granny pods are so much better than run-of-the-mill nursing homes. You can design it to look like a bungalow from outside and a nice hotel suite from inside with living room space, room for a bed, bathroom and kitchenette. You must include standard safety features, such as first aid supplies, hand railings, lighted floorboards, defibrillators and soft floor so that damages from falls can be minimized.

When designing the granny pod or in-law suite, you must remember to make the master bedroom spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair or hospital equipment, if needed in the future.

At BOSS, we provide tiny house kits that only need assembling. Our kits are equipped with plumbing, electrical and all the essential systems. It comes with an easy-to-understand guide that you can follow to setup aDIY tiny house. You can also go through YouTube video tutorials to find out how to assemble tiny house kits. For additional help, our team of installers can come out to your location and lend a hand. If you want, we can also help you with the design of the tiny granny pod.

In recent years, we have seen a surge of customers getting our tiny house kits for building a place for their Mom and Dad or grandparents. This gives the aging parent a chance to live close with the family while also enjoying their freedom and giving the family space. This arrangement also works out and appears feasible from a financial standpoint.

The best part? Once your need for a granny pod or in-law suite is over, you can convert the place into a rental home and earn extra cash. Or you can re-decorate it to make it a room for your adult daughter or son who would live to move back in with you.

So, check out our tiny house kits today and create a stunning granny pod for Mom and Dad. If you need any help, contact us.

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