Get the tiny home shell and set up your workstation

Dec 06, 2022

As a freelancer, working from home is no big deal. The only concern is the lack of privacy and the occasional disturbance during Zoom meetings. A tiny house shell kit in the backyard can be an ideal choice to make remote work easier with fewer distractions. Workaholics prefer having a tiny home shell as their workstation rather than just sitting in a corner with the laptop. Investing in inexpensive tiny homes gives you the liberty to keep all your documents and paperwork intact and safely tucked away in your personal space.

Additionally, the workstation inside a tiny house looks more professional and provides a private space to crack challenging projects in loose-fitting night clothes. However, if you need clarification on the tiny home purchase, then take a look at BOSS Tiny House. Our models are completely customized to suit your preferences and the features make living enjoyable. Here are a few reasons why investing in BOSS Tiny Houses is worth the call.


Great insulation makes things comfortable 

The tiny house shell kit and other prefab structures offer great PIR insulation and effectively control temperatures inside. The R-value of the walls is 18 and helps to keep indoors cool and comfortable. The structures are weatherproof and can easily withstand a snow load of 30 sq. ft. The well-insulated tiny homes have excellent energy efficiency and exceed Title 24 Certification. The fireproof structures are FM-approved and do not rot, rust, or attract termites. The vinyl-coated soft-textured walls reflect sunlight and keep the area well-lit and luminous. The homes have preinstalled electrical and plumbing facilities. The customized layout of the tiny homes with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen space and a living area makes freelancing for long hours a breeze.

Safety first 

Although BOSS offers inexpensive tiny homes, they are constructed keeping safety and durability in mind. The doors are ADA-compliant with 36″ deadbolt locking that keeps the building safe from thieves and burglars. The double-paned windows have a locking system and are designed to keep aesthetics and safety in mind. The buildings have a 3-year warranty and last for years with minimal maintenance. BOSS homes are strong and adhere to International Building Codes. The structures are earthquake-resistant, fireproof, and made from ASTM-certified durable steel. The fitted doors, insulated walls, and double-tempered glass offer impeccable comfort inside the tiny home, making freelancing more of a joy than actual work.

Financing for the home 

Getting a loan for a tiny home shell is no longer a hassle. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans to every customer. Over 300 moneylenders are willing to offer a home loan at low rates. The interest rates are as low as 3.99%, and the flexible payment plans make investment easier for the masses. Get the tiny home shell of your choice without having to worry about upfront payments.


The last and most important is the permit package. Investing in a tiny home is great, but without a permit, you can end up with legal issues. Tiny homes are illegal only if you don’t have a permit. The local laws differ from one place to another, so buying a BOSS permit package is ideal. BOSS Tiny House offers a permit package to all customers to ensure the approvals and permits are easily obtainable from the Department of Building and Safety.

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