Get rid of mortgages and loans with BOSS’s studio tiny homes

Aug 08, 2023

You have heard of the tiny house movement that started decades ago. Tiny homes have emerged as savors for homeless people and those who do not have a budget to rent a high-end property. But why pay higher rent when you can own a tiny space? Tiny houses are small-sized houses that are enough for all your requirements.

A studio tiny home can be a structure on a foundation or wheels. Do you know that tiny houses are accommodations within your budget? Customized tiny homes are less expensive than traditional buildings. Tiny house living is an entire social movement as more people choose smaller spaces for several reasons. 


Studio tiny homes with basic amenities

People have different reasons for choosing tiny home living. Investing in a tiny house is a way to own a space without a mortgage. They are all a part of the growing trend. Owning a smaller space marks the initiation of financial freedom and relief from high mortgages. A studio tiny home could be an extension of your own property. BOSS’s tiny studio homes are like micro-apartments with sizes ranging from 190 sq ft to 260 sq ft. The homes come with electrical and plumbing facilities and most other amenities.

BOSS Tiny House – 3-year warranty

BOSS Tiny House is one of the renowned tiny home manufacturers in the US. All our tiny houses are customized according to your requirements. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing tiny house kits for studios, ADUs, play spaces, in-law suites, cabins, etc. Discuss with us if you are planning for a studio tiny home. Apart from offering kits and prefab structures, we also ensure the permit package. You need to submit the plan soon, and we hand over the permit within 4 to 6 weeks. All our tiny homes come with a 3-year warranty. 

Low utility costs and maintenance

Investing in a tiny house means low utility costs and a major cut down on daily maintenance costs. BOSS manufactures green tiny home living. We create sustainable tiny living solutions. Our studio house kits are energy efficient, so they have a low carbon footprint. BOSS panels are made using 35% recycled plastic as we now partner with a leading global plastic brand. 

CustomFin financing

Owning a studio tiny home is simple because it will not make a hole in your pocket. Most prefer to avoid paying upfront; if you are among them, there is BOSS for you. We understand that you might have a fund crunch while you require a tiny house. This is why we bring lucrative financing plans. BOSS offers flexible financing plans to customers as we have partnered with CustomFin. You can choose from 300 lenders at very low-interest rates, as low as 3.99%. 

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Explore a wide range of studio house kits. Our tiny homes are affordable and shipped factory-direct. They meet all International Building Codes and California Building Codes. Design your own tiny house.








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