Fulfill your need of more space with easy-to-assemble tiny house shell kit from BOSS

Dec 24, 2019

No need to tamper with the sanctity of your main residence when you feel the need for having more space. Turn to BOSS. Our transformable and easy-to-assemble tiny house shell kit can be installed in your backyard and can function as a weekend cabin, home studio, home-office and so on. Our BOSS shell plus kits come with a 3-year warranty and is the most affordable way to get more space to fulfill your dreams. In this blog, we have discussed some of the standout features of our tiny house shell plus kit so that you can make an informed decision.
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BOSS’ shell plus kits are available in two sizes

Keeping in mind that a cabin, workspace or home studio needs space, we have designed our shell plus DIY kits in two specifications – 8.5’ X 20’ and 8.5’ X 26’. Both of these sizes are available in foundation and on wheels. If you choose our shell kit on wheels, you would need to have a trailer. In case you do not have a trailer, we can provide you with a list of trailer suppliers near you.

Our shell kit is equipped with exterior and interior features

BOSS’ team has carefully engineered and designed the shell plus DIY kit range. We have ensured that the kits come with all the robust essentials, such as:

  •         Deadbolt locks steel door and lockable double-pane windows.
  •         Insulated wall panels that help to save energy.
  •         The walls and frames are pre-cut so that they can be installed without any hassle.
  •         The interior walls are soft textured and vinyl-coated.
  •         The steel roof is double insulated and we have also conducted a snow load test to make sure that the roof can stand the onslaught of the weather elements.
  •         The shell kits come with high ceilings that are insulated and vaulted.
  •         The steel exterior wall surface is ribbed galvanized and highly durable.
  •         Built-in utility room.
  •         Electrical and plumbing systems.

As our DIY shell kits are spacious and come with high ceilings, you will have space to install a full-size kitchen and bathroom. Thanks to the high ceiling, two to three tall people can be accommodated easily. You can even have an elevated area to accommodate a full-size bed and there will still be space left for a dinette area. If you are building a tiny home office, you can include two or three chairs, along with a full-size work desk that will have your computer, fax machine and other items of necessity.

So, check out our tiny house shells for sale and talk to us if you have any questions. Ideally, our shell plus kits get assembled within 3 days and you can do it yourself. If you need assistance, we can help you with the planning process. We can help you with the contractor, confirm the location and the position of water, drainage and electric supply line hook-ups. From the preparation stage to the buildout process, you can count on our unwavering support.

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