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Boss Tiny House

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What options and features are available with a BOSS Tiny house?

A: The best place to see all the options and features of a BOSS Tiny house is our "Configurator" tool. You can design your own tiny house and see the prices for options and upgrades.

Q:Where can I build my Tiny House?

A: You can build your Tiny House anywhere there is flat land. It is recommended that you pour a concrete slab but its not required. All Tiny Houses come with a foundation kit that can also be setup on dirt. Always check your city ordinances and permit requirements before choosing where to build.

Q:Where can I park my Tiny House on wheels?

A: There are more places than ever that allow you to park your Tiny House on wheels

Q:What will I need to tow a Tiny House on Wheels?

A: For towing you need 2 5/16" ball and 7 Blade wiring connector

Q:How does the electrical system work?

A: The Tiny House runs on 110 V AC power. A power supply is required to power your tiny house. In the case where there is no power supply, an electric generator can be used to power your tiny house. For this case, we offer an OFF GRID upgrade that allows you to run lights and wall outlets on a Battery while your electric generator is switched off.

Q:Do I hook up to a sewer system or a septic tank?

A: Yes , you will need to connect to a septic tank or a sewer line unless you purchase a compost toilet.

Q:How long will it take to build?

A: We anticipate it will take 2 people 2 to 3 days to build the house

Q:How much do they weigh?

A: The total Weight of The Boss Tiny House and its Accessories is 1,046 Kg

  • 8.5 x 20 FT Boss Tiny House ~1873 lbs PER HOUSE
  • Partition kit ~215 lbs 
  • Utility kit ~99 lbs
  • Loft kit ~118 lbs

Q:How many sq ft is the loft?

A: We provide a Loft layout and the loft is 28 sqft

Q:How long will it take to ship the BOSS?

A: A. We can ship shell tiny house kits within 1 week. Complete tiny house kits will take 4 weeks to ship

Q:What is a Built on Site System?

A: The Built on Site System allows you to build the Tiny House yourself on site. We ship out a Tiny House Kit that includes all instructions for foundation, building erection, electrical, plumbing and interiors for step by step assembly.  This approach eliminates the cost of building a full house in the factory, the cost of shipping a full house and the cost of a crane to place the house on a foundation.  We supply the intelligently designed components with easy to install step by step instructions so you can build anywhere you want and save money, making you the BOSS.

Q:What preparation is needed?

A: A Concrete base is recommended with piping for Electric and plumbing lines. If you do not wish to pour concrete, BOSS Tiny Houses can also be built on dirt as each house comes with a foundation kit.

Q:Do you provide builders?

A: We have a network of builders that can follow the step by step instructions and build the Tiny House for you.

Q:How many people are needed to build it?

A: 2 people

Q:Who do I call if I have problem building it?

A: (800) 483-4674

Q:What tools are needed to install the basic Tiny House ?

A: Drill + Philips Head + 10mm Hex. Socket Bit, 8’ step ladder, safety goggles, gloves, Philips screwdriver, pliers

Q:What additional tools are needed to install the complete Tiny House with Electrical and Plumbing?

A: Flathead screw diver, adjustable wrench, channel lock pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, measuring tape, silicone, level, 5/8 in. and 1/8 in. drill bits, pencil, rubber mallet, cutting knife, trowel

Q:Can I finance a BOSS Tiny House?

A: BOSS offers options of financing, by working with various lenders to ensure we get you in the tiny house of your dreams. Rates vary, based on financial and credit history.

Q:Can I install the Tiny House on Dirt or do I need a Concrete pad?

A: While we recommend a concrete pad, you can also install the tiny house on dirt.  For both cases, we include a foundation kit to be assembled on top of the dirt or concrete.

Q:Can I build the Tiny House on a Trailer?

A: BOSS Tiny Houses are designed to be built on a standard 8.5’ wide flat deck trailer.  You will need to locate the fresh water and black water tanks on the trailer in the appropriate places under the Tiny House.  For this option, make sure to order the Off Grid Power supply and Water supply options.