Facts about the tiny house rental business – Know all about it!

Dec 23, 2022

The tiny home rental business is not showing any signs of slowing down. Many manufacturers are offering tiny houses for sale, but if you are looking for high-quality homes with enhanced durability and upgraded features – come to BOSS Tiny House. We offer premium-grade, affordable tiny homes for sale at factory-direct rates. In addition, as travelers are interested in living in unique places to enjoy their vacations, the off-grid lifestyle is more appealing. In fact, the popularity of tiny homes is ever-increasing as more people choose to downsize and live sustainably. So, if you are looking for an affordable tiny house kit, let’s look at the benefits of this investment. BOSS Tiny Houses are an ideal choice, and this write-up will be an eye-opener, whether it’s an overhyped fad or the right choice. 

Tiny home rentals 

A tiny home rental is a small space built on a cement foundation and rented out for a stipulated period. The tiny home comes with all the essentials to living comfortably. The affordable tiny house kit has pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities, living space, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and storage units. These homes are minimally but beautifully decorated and have a low carbon footprint. BOSS Tiny Houses offer affordable tiny homes for sale, and the structures come customized with a 3-year warranty. The homes are ideal to rent out as they require minimal repairs and maintenance and are intelligent, economical purchases. 


Durable and customized tiny home structures

If you plan to own a tiny home and rent out the space to earn good profits, then rely on BOSS Tiny House. We offer the customized tiny house for sale. Our home structures come in various sizes, designs, and layouts. Our tiny homes are made from galvanized steel, are durable and strong, and offer exceptional PIR insulation. The homes have Title 24 Energy Certification and are energy-efficient units. The homes are secure and sturdy, with locked double-paned windows and ASTM-certified steel. The doors have deadbolt locking systems and ensure complete security at all times. The homes can withstand harsh climatic conditions and the roof can endure a snow load of 30 pounds per sq. ft. Moreover, the tiny homes are earthquake-resistant, fireproof, CA-certified, FM-approved, and adhere to the International Building Codes. BOSS Tiny Houses are ideal as they offer strength, durability, proper insulation, and energy efficiency. 

Permit package 

Before renting out the tiny space, ensure that the structure has a permit that adheres to the local laws and building codes. A tiny home without a permit is a liability and can lead to legal troubles. The BOSS Permit Package is a must-buy to steer clear of legal issues and easily obtain permits. The permit package has a customized foundation plan with engineer-stamped drawings, an FM-approved certificate, and Title 24 energy certification. Once you get the permit package from BOSS, submit the paperwork to the Department of Building and safety for approval. The permit usually comes in 4 to 6 weeks. However, the duration is longer, depending on your municipality and city. 

Final Words 

Tiny house rentals are sustainable investments for the owner, and many prefer to invest in more than one home. You can kick start the tiny home rental business by purchasing high-grade homes from BOSS Tiny House. Book a free consultation today. Request a no-obligation quotation. 







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