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Feb 13, 2020

If you are planning to buy/rent an extra space but you are not confident about the budget, there is an alternative. Yes, you can always invest in a tiny house. Regular spaces are very expensive; it’s a bit more spacious but owning/renting can be a matter of huge burden. You definitely have other plans after having your own space, so you can’t spend an unlimited amount of money in getting a space. A tiny house, as the name suggests would offer a limited space but you can enjoy the ownership of it.

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When you are planning to have your own space, you also have to consider the labor cost. But what if there is a choice to escape it? Yes, only a tiny house can offer you such happiness by giving you a chance to build your own tiny house. A tiny house is very easy to build, you do not need any expertise or huge amount of knowledge or experience if you are planning to build a tiny house. Kits are the most important stuff when you plan to build a tiny house, it helps you to build like a pro and you do not have to build from scratch.

BOSS specializes in manufacturing tiny house kits of various types and we are also among the top tiny house builders. We have clients reaching us for their tiny house requirements and based on that we offer custom kits. The Shell Plus is one kit that is very easy to assemble and pretty affordable. This DIY kit is transformable and is easy to install in your backyard. You could use this kit to build your own weekend cabin, home office, studio, play area and so on. This kit from BOSS comes with a 3 years warranty and is the easiest way to fulfill your desire of owning a tiny house. This Shell Plus kit has some amazing features.

Our kit is available in two sizes; the specifications are 8.5’ x 20’ and 8.5 x 26’. This kit is suitable for tiny homes on foundation and on wheels. If you choose the Shell Plus kit on wheels, you also need a trailer. At BOSS we also design custom trailers for safely carrying your tiny house on wheels.

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Do you know that this Shell Plus kit comes with interior and exterior features? The BOSS team has taken efforts to manufacture and design this DIY kit so that our customers are satisfied with it. Our kits have essentials like:

  • Insulated wall panels that help to conserve the energy
  • Double-pane windows that are lockable and steel doors with deadbolt locks.
  • The frames and the walls are pre-cut, for easy installation.
  • The inside walls are coated with vinyl and very soft in texture.
  • This kit comes with a double-insulated steel roof and our experts do a snow load testing to ensure the durability of the roof.
  • The exterior wall surface that is made of steel is galvanized and is very durable.
  • Our kit comes with electrical and plumbing systems.
  • There are in-built utility rooms.


We are one of the best tiny house builders; we have a team to assemble your tiny house kit perfectly. This Shell Plus kit has ample space, also high ceilings so that you do not have to worry about the space.

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