Embrace sustainability and greener living with BOSS tiny homes

Apr 12, 2023

Are you tired of renting expensive residential units but sadly you cannot own one? Why not use the existing yard to install a tiny house so that you have an additional  compact space next to your existing property or just a single tiny house? Recession has again hit so minimizing can be a wise decision. Imagine paying minimal energy bills because you have less space to cool and heat. This helps you to save a significant amount of money every month. You can also clean your space from top to bottom in less than an hour. A tiny house usually ranges from 200 sq ft to 500 sq ft having a living area, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Tiny houses are studios, play spaces for kids, cabins, and ADUs. Tiny homes are available in the prefabricated form, tiny house kits, and shells. 

Energy efficiency and less carbon footprint

BOSS Tiny Homes are green homes. They use less energy, produce much less waste material, and consume minimal resources. Our tiny houses are energy-efficient and have a lower carbon footprint. Tiny homes produce almost 30% less carbon dioxide every year. BOSS believes in sustainability. We use almost 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture maintainable tiny homes. We care for the environment so that it gets greener. BOSS uses LGS framing to manufacture the panels, and this type is known for its sustainability and zero waste formation. LGS is superior, lighter and long-lasting. It is resistant to moisture, termites, rotting, and pests. Our certified steel is fire-resistant and has seismic stability. 


Our homes meet the building codes

Start living off-grid with the BOSS tiny house shell for sale. BOSS is one of the leaders in manufacturing modern tiny homes. All our homes meet the California Building Codes and International Building Codes. It might be initially tough to envision living inside or utilizing a tiny house. But the advantages far outweigh the inconveniences. You will have more free time, less hassle, minimal clutter, and more savings. 

Downsize with BOSS Tiny Homes

Downsizing is the new trend that most people are following in the USA. Invest in shells that are complete hollow structures with electrical fittings and plumbing. Are you looking for something more affordable than a prefab tiny house yet hassle-free? Invest in a tiny house shell for sale at the BOSS store. The shells have four walls, a ceiling, and basic amenities. The tiny house kits are shipped and transported within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Ways to maximize your space

Many who have got tiny homes have also thought of maximizing the space. It can be amazing if you plan to have a large front porch or a deck to add more space to the property. Decluttering is also a great way to make the space look spacious. We suggest you have only the important items inside and remove the rest. Plan the interior well so that there is enough floor space. Please plan it with the BOSS experts; we have a customized solution for you. Our tiny house shell kit is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Final words – get easy financing

BOSS brings you the new age of automated construction. We offer flexible financing at low-interest rates by partnering with CustomFin. Book a factory tour and explore our showroom in California. Request a quote.








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