Downsizing to a Modest Lifestyle with Affordable Tiny Houses

Sep 26, 2023

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming and can be extremely stressful. Deciding to cut back to a home that suits your requirements can be an opportunity to work on your life. Scaling back to a more modest home, you may be considerably more mindful of useless clutter. It is normal for individuals to gather many possessions they don’t genuinely require. Living in a more modest space can assist you with perceiving this, and the most common way of cleaning up can be very refreshing. We suggest planning to invest in an affordable tiny house.

Some tiny homes are built on foundations, while some are built on trailers. Minimalism is on the rise, so the tiny homes are designed with tight spaces requiring storage and furnishing to maximize the space utilization. We recommend wise use of the floor space so that the interior looks tidy and minimalistic. 


Tiny homes pre-installed with electrical and plumbing

Choose BOSS to buy affordable tiny house kits. BOSS is renowned for designing modern prefab tiny homes and kits. BOSS is one of the leading US manufacturers of tiny house kits. We have designed tiny spaces for over two decades, implementing top-notch technology and an updated automated process. All our products are available with a 3-year limited warranty. BOSS or built on-site systems design a new generation of tiny living where we prefabricate and deliver kits or ready structures. Our structures are pre-installed with plumbing and electrical facilities. 

Do not worry about the permits

A permit is mandatory before you own a tiny house. We understand that it can be difficult for you to arrange for the permits. BOSS tiny house does it all for you. BOSS offers the Permit Package that includes:

  • FM approval certification
  • Engineers stamp the structural drawings
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • Custom Site and Foundation Plan

Submit the permit plans to the Department of Building and Safety. The permit gets sanctioned within four to six weeks.

BOSS using LGS framing and offering sustainable solutions

Unlike wood, BOSS panels are manufactured with LGS framing, a material known for not making any waste. LGS is a lightweight material and is extremely long-lasting. The material is resistant to rotting, termites, pests, and moisture. The LGS steel is also fire resistant, having extreme durability.  

 BOSS Tiny Houses are sustainable structures. We have partnered with the leading plastic recycling companies. The steel panels are made of 35% plastic because we believe in sustainability. Our panels have a higher insulation level that keeps your monthly energy bills low and reduces your carbon footprint. 

Are you ready for your tiny house? We will help you plan and offer prefab homes or affordable tiny house kits. Request a quote. 








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