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Jul 26, 2023

The tiny structures are no more a home to the destitute. If you can own a space in your own backyard, why pay high rent? Minimalistic living spaces are extremely popular. These homes can be set on foundation or on trailers. The property market is presently rising and many can’t include a traditional space inside their financial plan. We would like you to refrain from renting a new house but renting a new affordable tiny house.


Do you know about the financial advantages of a tiny house?

The initial cost is lower due to the smaller space. You might find that buying a small house is less expensive than buying a costly car. The nature of small and conventional houses continues as before, so they are similarly enduring. You can also save money on your energy bills by cutting off high utility and maintenance costs. A minimalistic home is particularly conservative and Supervisor likewise makes claiming one simpler. Even before you pay us, we will provide you with a prefab-ready home, shell, or affordable tiny house kit.

 3-years warranty – BOSS Tiny Homes

BOSS tiny homes are available in different sizes. The standard measurements range from 64-128 sq ft. Buy affordable tiny house kits in the US from our store. Use our structures as cabins, ADUs, studios and other backyard spaces. We manufacture complete prefab tiny houses, offer tiny house kits and manufacture shells within the budget. You can choose from different roof styles and have vinyl finished flooring. The roofs are insulated and they can carry a snow load of 30 lbs. Our prefab affordable tiny houses or kits come with a 3 years warranty.

The permit and its inclusions

Permits are a very important part of owning a tiny house. However, you need a permit on time to build an affordable tiny house in the yard. BOSS gives you less hassles as we deal with the licenses. The license cycle comes in three simple tasks. First, the Department of Building and Safety can provide you with the site plan and the local building codes. The following are included in the BOSS Permit Package:

·   The structural drawings are engineer-stamped

·   Have FM approval certification Title 24 Energy Certification.

·   Submit the plans to the Department of Building and Safety.

·   The custom site and foundation plan.

·   Get your license within 3 to 4 months.

Do you intend to purchase reasonable minimalistic home units?

BOSS has been fabricating minimalistic houses for over 20 years. We follow innovative techniques to fabricate little living arrangements in the US. Our minimalistic home packs are available in various plans, sizes, and layouts. To produce high-quality miniature structures, our engineers use an automated procedure. We provide you with cutting-edge construction at an affordable cost.

CustomFin financing

We are aware that you might not be willing to make an upfront payment or that you might be severely short of money. BOSS has cooperated with CustomFin to offer lucrative financing plans. There are now a variety of financing options available from 300 lenders. The interest rates start at 3.99%, which is very low. We offer our clients adaptable installment plans.

Sustainable tiny houses

The process of home building has now changed where structures are prefabricated inside the factory. The building process remains uninterrupted due to any external conditions. BOSS homes are environment-friendly. Our panels are made of plastic waste after they are recycled. We have tied up with renowned companies to collect plastic water or beverage bottles for recycling. All our panels consist of 35% recycled plastic. The panels are designed for durability, fire-resistance, and strength. Our structures are highly insulated, which means lowering the carbon footprint.

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