Did You Check Out The Latest Tiny House On Wheels From BOSS?

Jan 08, 2020

BOSS is one of the prominent names among the Tiny House On Wheels Builders. We are actively producing affordable yet long-lasting, Tiny House On Wheels for years. Last year, in 2019, we had launched two new types of Tiny House On Wheels. One is 8.5’x20’ in diameter and the other one 8.5’x26’. Both these tiny houses kits are developed with extreme precision and a new material called Shell-Plus. Shell-Plus is not only offering excellent stability to the structure but also adding durability and longevity of the tiny house on wheels

Design Yours

BOSS or Built-On Site System allows you to customize your personal tiny house on wheels almost infinitely. You need 3 days to build your private work-space, sanctuary, yoga room, or studio out of one small house. Moreover, you can choose the interiors and exteriors of the tiny home of your dreams. The Shell-Plus material has gone through several tastings to confirm its stability, durability, and longevity. For an example of the stability of the latest models, let me inform you that, the roof of the new Shell-Plus tiny house on wheels can withstand with heavy snow-fall of 30 lbs./sq. ft. The outer and inner walls are insulated by the same shell-plus to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The BOSS tiny house on wheels comes with a three-year-long warranty, which gives you unparalleled protection from any damage. The experts of BOSS are easily approachable, if you are facing any difficulties, you can reach them easily. They will also provide you with support within a few hours.

Are you like me who always worries about the safety and security of your home or properties? Let me assure you that every BOSS tiny house on wheels comes with deadbolt locking mechanism induced doors and double-pane sliding windows.

So, no matter what you want to do with a personal sanctuary or just curious how it feels to stay inside a tiny house on wheels, you can easily order one now. The experts of BOSS are competent to provide you dedicated support whenever or wherever you need.

BOSS always sends their tiny house on wheels kit inside sturdy wooden crates to keep it safe from any unforeseen dangers.

Every BOSS tiny house kit is equipped with a proper sanitation system. In the challenging size, the experts have managed to put together a full-size washroom for your usage. BOSS, one of the leading tiny house on wheels builders, also added the facility of electricity to make their small homes more comfortable. 

The experts of BOSS have also successfully crafted a full-size kitchen inside both of their 8.5’x20’ and 8.5’x26’. You can easily add a mid-size fridge inside the kitchen. You can also add a dedicated dining space inside your personal tiny house on wheels. You may think the size of the tiny house models is small, but let me inform you that you can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people inside your tiny house. You can also put a full-size bed in your tiny abode.

Design Yours

The Shell-Plus material can make your tiny house on wheels extremely comfortable and likable by you and the others. Probably years had passed when you gifted yourself with something soothing or blissful. Now, it’s time to gift yourself something unique and unforgettable and useful as a tiny house.







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