Designing an affordable tiny house kit for Airbnb rental to earn additional income

Apr 29, 2024

If you want to earn extra cash, you have to make wise and smart decisions. While there are a million ways to make money, the ones where you can earn dollars from the comfort of your home are not many. The tourism industry is rising than before, and this is the time when you can turn the tables in your favor. With more people packing their bags and exploring the world, the need for comfortable and affordable accommodations has also seen a sudden spike. You can too utilize the space in your property to install an affordable tiny house and rent it to travelers and tourists. 

Listing tiny house kits as holiday rentals is an efficient and affordable way to start an additional income path. You can simply install a pre-built tiny house on your property and list it on the holiday rental websites for customers to find out and book. However, to materialize the idea, you must consider certain aspects to ensure a profitable and efficient business. Let’s find out:


Start with a business plan:

For any business to flourish and run efficiently, it is essential to have a well-thought and projected business plan. So, when you decide to buy affordable tiny house kits, be well-versed with a plan for how to move things forward.  The best way out is to plan the logistics and consider some business plans for the same. 

Consider the cost:

One important thing you must not miss out on while planning a business with rental homes is cost. If you are planning for an Airbnb rental with your tiny house kit, these are the following that you must consider:

Fees to include with the rent:

Airbnb usually takes 3% of the total each time you rent the space, so you must include that in the renting fees. Besides, you must also include a service fee of 6 to 12% and a security deposit from your guests. Another way of utilizing maximum profit is to endorse amenities and charge for them, like extra coffee or drinks, a spa session, etc. 

Form a legal entity:

Another thing that you can include in your master business plan is to opt for a legal entity for your Airbnb rental. With a legal business identity, you can eliminate the risk of personally being liable for the business. Further, you can consider a business bank account, insurance, and taxes so that you are in charge of the legal aspect. 

Market your property:

While your business and rentals are ready, you must also work towards marketing the property on the Airbnb website and other places to attract guests. Some of the clever ways of doing so is to incorporate more information about the property like:

  • Sharing high-quality pictures of the property
  • Writing a proper description of the place
  • Sharing the location and the proximity to other things of interest
  • Creating a social media account for the property to post regularly about the experience 

Contact BOSS for an affordable tiny house kit

You can buy tiny house kits from BOSS for durability, quality, and affordability. BOSS tiny houses are made from commercial-grade materials and meet California building codes. They are also easy to install with little effort and can be completed by DIY enthusiasts. Besides, BOSS offers flexible payment solutions with CustomFin, which makes them affordable and convenient in terms of finances. Buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS by visiting the website.








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