Customize your tiny house interior using tiny house shell for sale

Jul 04, 2023

Are you trying to customize your own tiny house interior? You can buy a tiny house shell instead of a prefab structure. You will be able to save some costs and have a tiny house that will stand out from the rest. Having a ready shell gives you ample flexibility and freedom to set up a customized space. A tiny house shell for sale means a structure that contains the ceiling, walls, and the entire framework.

Tiny homes have become an important part of the property market. The rising price of the housing market has given wings to tiny homes. You get rid of paying heavy rents and even enjoy the joys of owning a tiny house. The layout of a tiny house shell is entirely up to you when you buy one. A variety of pre-built tiny house shells are available from BOSS. You have a tiny house on foundation or one on wheels. Living in a compact home means financial freedom. It is a way to experience eco-friendly living and a less carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a priority for BOSS

You can find the right square footage for your needs at a price you can afford. We are concerned about the environment. Our engineers design homes that are sustainable. By using recycled materials on the roof and walls, we set out on a journey that is good for the environment. Nearly 35% of our panels are made of recycled plastic. Additionally, this provides enhanced fire resistance and insulation. This demonstrates that our pre-built tiny house shells and our tiny homes have a low carbon footprint, resulting in lower energy consumption.


Experience CustomFin financing

Finance has forever been the central concern for mortgage holders intending to purchase a minimalist tiny home shell for sale. Even if you don’t want to pay up front, you can still have a tiny house. Utilize our partnership with CustomFin to investigate a variety of financing options. The plans have interest rates that start at just 3.99%. There are in excess of 300 moneylenders who might offer worthwhile home credits. It only requires you to provide us with the loan amount and credit score to apply. You are eligible for financing after we examine your profile. We offer flexible payment plans.

Avoid heavy loans

We have helped a lot of people realize that tiny home construction could be more effective. The rise in tiny house construction trends has escalated for a decade and it is here to stay. We build quickly and cheaply following an automated process. Tiny houses were once discovered to provide low-income individuals with homes, but they are now sound, well accepted investments. You do not have to rent a large space and pay large loans or mortgages.

20 years of experience in offering tiny homes

BOSS has been designing tiny homes for more than 20 years. We manufacture premium, customizable ADUs, studios and backyard spaces. We are skilled at building complete or pre-built tiny homes. It’s possible to design your own tiny home. We create shells, kits, and prefabricated tiny homes. Studs, wooden frames, and nails are used to construct the buildings. Built-on-site systems, or BOSS, encourage modern tiny house living. Our built-on-site systems are shipped directly to your site.

Final thoughtsLook at our selection and talk to the professionals about the available tiny house shells. Explore our inventory for a customized solution before you actually buy a tiny house shell. Get a price quote.








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