Customize your own tiny home – Explore the range of BOSS’s pre-built tiny house shells

Mar 10, 2023

What is a tiny house shell? You can think of it as a tiny unfinished space. It is just the framework handed over, so you can customize it how you like. A tiny house shell for sale is more affordable than a prefab tiny house. There is plenty of room for customization because you get ample flexibility. When you invest in a tiny house shell, the layout depends on your choice and preference. BOSS offers a range of pre-built tiny house shells. 

We ship the kits within 4 to 6 weeks

Owning an extra space is easy with BOSS Tiny Homes. BOSS implements modern technology to manufacture tiny homes. We design kits, shells, and prefab tiny homes. The structures are built with studs, wooden frames, and nails. BOSS or built-on-site systems promote contemporary tiny house living. The structures are prefabricated and delivered to your doorstep as kits. 

We manufacture backyard spaces ranging from 64 to 128 sq ft. You can also explore our range of ADUs and studios. The pre-built tiny house shells are shipped to your site within 4 to 6 weeks. You can invest in pre-built tiny house shells if you require additional space. We guarantee quality and affordability when you invest in our tiny homes.

BOSS relies on sustainability

BOSS offers affordable spaces so that you find the ideal square feet for your specific requirements. We design sustainable homes because we are conscious of the environment. We embark on a sustainable journey by using recycled materials on the roof and walls. All our panels have almost 35% recycled plastic. This also offers better fire resistance and a higher level of insulation. This confirms that our tiny homes and pre-built tiny house shells have a low carbon footprint, ensuring less energy usage. 


The CustomFin financing option

Finance has always been the main issue for homeowners planning to buy a tiny house shell. You can have a tiny house even if you hesitate to pay upfront. Explore numerous financing deals as we have partnered with CustomFin. The plans come with very low interest rates starting from 3.99%. There are more than 300 moneylenders who would offer lucrative home loans. Applying for it is easy as you only need to let us know the loan amount and the credit score. Once we check the profile, you are eligible for financing. 

BOSS – manufacturing tiny homes for more than 20 years

BOSS has been offering tiny home solutions for more than 20 years. We have been associated with companies that build high rises, cabins, homes, and sheds. We master pre-built tiny house shells or complete tiny home buildings. You can design your own tiny house. 

Do not worry about extra space because you can buy a tiny house shell from the BOSS store. We have helped many understand that traditional home building could be more efficient. It has been more than a decade since the popularity of tiny homes has escalated. We do not go by the slow and manual way, we build fast and affordably. Tiny homes were discovered to offer homes to those who cannot afford one, but now it is a wise investment. You can have a tiny space instead of renting a huge space and paying heavy loans or mortgages. 

Final thoughts

Post the pandemic, the demand has grown leaps and bounds as people understand the value of money. Explore our inventory and talk to the experts about tiny house shells for sale. Request a quote.








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