Christen now owns a new editing studio – She invested in BOSS’s studio tiny home

Jul 14, 2023

Christen used the BOSS Shell Plus kit to build her own editing studio. She has a passion for graphics, design, and animation. She wanted to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey but needed more good funds. She wishes to own her studio, so instead of renting one, she thought of owning a tiny studio home

Tiny homes within the budget

She and her family are residing in a cramped apartment. Having a tiny studio home will give her space to work in peace. She already had a lot of other plans within a specific budget. After talking to her coworkers, she learned about tiny homes because she was looking for a solution with a limited budget.


Christen came across BOSS Tiny House while surfing the internet, and when she got to our office, we helped her find the right solution. We advised her to purchase a tiny studio home to save her time, ease the assembly process, and give her more time to concentrate on her editing work.

We collaborated with CustomFin

She planned to purchase a medium-sized one because she desired more space. We suggested she choose our financing options when discussing the limited budget. We have teamed up with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans. We offer lucrative payment plans with interest rates as low as 3.99%. 

Her studio contained 

Christen thanked us for the studio, which she had already installed. She was content, and she showed us pictures of the interior. Her brand-new studio has a master room, a decent recording area, a washroom, and a loft area for relaxing. Steel doors with deadbolt locks and double-paned, lockable windows complete the set.


Galvanized steel panels

The interior of our tiny home is coated with vinyl and has a soft texture. The exterior wall is made of galvanized steel, with pre-cut panels for quicker installation. The ceiling is insulated and vaulted, providing ample space. This amazing kit came with installed plumbing and electrical systems. Our homes come with a limited warranty that lasts for three years. We use 35% recycled plastic to make the panels because we care for the environment. 

Prefab homes – Save your time

The BOSS studio house kit is a DIY transformable kit that is simple to install. However, what happens if you need help installing your kit independently? Built-on-site systems from BOSS let you hire contractors to install them on-site. If you want to save time, invest in prefab studio tiny homes

Wrapping up – get in touch

What about your desire to own a studio tiny home like Christen? BOSS, based in California, manufactures and sells tiny houses in the United States. We are the market leader in providing kits at reasonable prices. We offer custom packs that are produced by carrying out inventive innovations. We also offer you a permit package. You can get in touch with our sales team to find out more. Use our tiny studio house kit to construct your tiny space and give your dreams wings. We will respond to your request for a quote within one day.








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