Choose an affordable tiny living option – Invest in pre-built tiny house shells

Aug 15, 2023

Are prefab tiny homes a little expensive? Do you think that investing in kits is daunting? You can choose to invest in a tiny house shell for sale

Shells are ready structures with walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. It is mainly the framework that is handed over to you. 


The popularity of tiny homes 

Minimalistic houses have turned into a significant piece of the property market. Tiny houses are now popular because of the rising cost of housing. Owning a tiny house will save you from paying higher rents or mortgages. BOSS offers pre-built tiny house shells using an automated process. We construct tiny homes quickly and affordably. Minimalistic homes were once a shelter for the homeless and low-revenue people with homes. Pre-built tiny house shells are delivered in large-sized packages that contain everything you need to assemble. The kits come with pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. The interior is spacious, with tall ceilings. BOSS kits are made of ASTM-certified steel. The kits can be assembled into secondary spaces. 

20 years of manufacturing minimalistic living spaces

BOSS Tiny House has been planning minimalist houses for over 20 years. We make premium, adjustable ADUs, studios and patio spaces. Complete or pre-built tiny homes are a specialty of ours. You can design your small, tiny home with our pre-built tiny house shells. We make shells, units, and pre-assembled minimalist houses. Studs, wooden casings, and nails are utilized to develop the structures. BOSS uses steel panels that are insulated. The panels are made of LGS framing. This material is known for zero waste making. LGS is lighter, which is superior in strength, and lasts long. It is resistant to pests, rotting, termite attacks, and moisture. 

Experience CustomFin financing 

Finance has always been the most important concern for mortgage holders who want to buy a tiny home shell. The manufacturers offer different financing plans to own a minimalist home. BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer an assortment of funding choices. Get interesting and low-interest rates that begin at simply 3.99%. Over 300 moneylenders can provide useful home loans. You only need to provide us with the loan amount and your credit score. We analyze your profile to ensure whether you qualify for the financing. Explore a variety of payment options.

Last contemplations

BOSS focuses on streamlining our supply chain using recycled and eco-friendly materials. BOSS manufactures sustainable tiny homes that are eco-friendly. We have collaborated with the top global plastic manufacturers. BOSS uses 35% recycled plastic to manufacture the panels. Using recycled plastic improves the fire resistance of the panels. Our experts design panels that have higher levels of insulation. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Do you want to buy a tiny house shell? Please look at our inventory for different options. The tiny homes or kits come with a 3-year warranty. You can have a consultation with the experts for customized tiny homes. Request a quote.








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