Buy Affordable Tiny House kits by lowering your utility bills

Jul 18, 2023

Tiny homes are no recent invention. They have recently gained wide acceptance as a means of downsizing. Who does not wish to save money? What if you do not have to pay higher rents but own a space? Affordable tiny house kits or tiny prefab homes were introduced to the market to address the issue of homelessness. However, the idea has advanced further at this point. Presently, minimalist houses are not generally restricted to a particular gathering or class. It has gained widespread acceptance as an alternative to renting expensive residential or commercial properties. 


There are various uses for a tiny house. You can use a tiny house as an office, studio, apartment, or cabin. A major problem is the need for more space, and people with limited incomes find it difficult to pay high rents for larger spaces. You will not have to worry because you can customize your tiny house with affordable tiny house kits. You might be interested in a tiny house shell kit of prefab shells. This way, you get the ready structure along with doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical fittings. 

Why are options for cost-effective tiny homes?

Accepting minimalism means low utility costs. You save money because you only use a few utilities. Your energy and maintenance costs will go down. We are certain you care about the climate, and minimalistic houses have a low ecological effect. A smaller home requires fewer materials, occupies less space, consumes less electricity, and emits fewer emissions. It will also lessen your hassle. If you have less space, you will have fewer chores to clean. 

Tiny homes made to order 

Are you planning to buy Affordable Tiny House kits? BOSS is based in the United States and has been around for over 20 years. We customize tiny house kits creating a wide range of sizes, layouts, and designs for tiny homes. There are many things to consider when planning to move to tiny living. If you want to enjoy living or starting your venture in a small space, be content and start being creative about the interiors. The amount you save by not renting a traditional space can help when you need funds to expand. 

Package for BOSS Permits 

Is obtaining the permit a challenge, given your busy schedule? You must build a home with a permit. You cannot build a tiny house without a permit. What about BOSS providing a permit package? This includes:

Engineer-stamped structural drawings. The foundation plan and customs site. We offer the Title 24 Energy Certification FM approval. When ready, the plan should be submitted to the Department of Building and Safety. The permit will be given to you within four to six weeks.

BOSS tiny homes are a great option for people who want to live off the grid. Our built-on-site systems and tiny house kits are simple to assemble. BOSS structures are shipped directly to your location; the project takes less time and costs less overall.

Final words

Why bother paying upfront when you can afford to finance while ordering a tiny house shell kit? BOSS and CustomFin have collaborated to provide financing assistance at low-interest rates. There are flexible financing plans, and the interest rates are as low as 3.99%. Contact us for assistance and a quote.








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