Busting the myths about tiny home kits – Get the facts right!

Sep 13, 2022

A large house is certainly not better than a smaller one. There are several reasons why Americans are now going tiny and embracing minimalism. The biggest myth about tiny house kits is that there is not enough space for privacy, storage, or entertaining guests. However, many are unaware that tiny home kits are customized and available in different shapes, sizes, layouts, and designs. The tiny homes are compact but well-designed to serve your needs and last longer than the traditional stick-built houses. At BOSS, you can find high-quality tiny home kits for sale at factory-direct costs. The tiny homes are more appealing than the traditional stick-built ones as they are more affordable, sustainable, and highly energy-efficient. Here’s busting a few myths about tiny home kits from BOSS that arrive in 4 to 6 weeks direct from the factory.


Myth 1 – Space isn’t enough 

The tiny house kits come in standard or customizable sizes, but you can order them in larger or smaller dimensions based on specific requirements. BOSS tiny homes are custom-made, and 5 people can easily reside comfortably. The homes have pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems, a kitchen, a dining room, and a bed space. In addition, the customized tiny homes from BOSS are spacious enough to ensure a family lives in comfort.

Myth 2 – Doesn’t last long enough 

This is a laughable myth, as BOSS tiny home kits have a 3-year warranty. The walls and roof made from galvanized steel are durable, waterproof, and do not mold, rot, or rust. The BOSS kits are CA-certified, FM-approved and fire-resistant. The tiny homes take 3 days to install with 2 laborers, and the durability supersedes other traditional housing solutions. On the other end, stick-built houses have wooden structures and are not a sustainable choice. Furthermore, stick-built homes don’t last long as the wooden structures attract termites, rot, and mold. If you have to choose a long-lasting tiny house, then consider BOSS Tiny House rather than any ordinary stick-built housing.

Myth 3 – Poor insulation 

The tiny home kits for sale at BOSS offer excellent PIR insulation and are energy efficient. The 2” walls exceed the Title 24 Certification and can effectively control climatic fluctuations keeping the indoor temperatures static at a specific range. However, such energy efficiency and insulation are missing in stick-built houses. The conventional stick-built structures have 4” walls that barely meet the Title 24 Certification. In addition, the poor insulation inside the stick-built houses results in high electricity consumption and an increase in utility bills.

Myth 4 – High maintenance, maximum repairs 

The tiny homes are not high maintenance and do not require repairs or repainting for a long time. The prefab structures come with waterproofing and repainting direct from the factory unit. The doors have a deadbolt locking system and are ADA-compliant. Since BOSS tiny homes are built to last long, the repairs are far and between.

Myth 5 – Costly investment 

BOSS Tiny House is cost-effective, and an added advantage is the CustomFin home loan. More than 300 moneylenders at BOSS offer home loans with interest rates as low as 3.99%. The livable tiny home units are high-volume and low-cost.

Final thoughts 

To know more truths about tiny homes, request a free consultation. BOSS Tiny House offers a free quote. Call us at 323-870-6678.







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