Build an innovative office and increase your revenue by investing in the new Shell Plus

Feb 14, 2020

You can build a tiny house to make it your personal office space. With BOSS tiny house Shell Plus, one of the finest custom tiny house kits, it’s simple to build your own tiny office yourself. Apart from office, one can also enjoy having a personal studio, a play space, cabin and ADU.  

Design Yours

 In recent times, BOSS is offering rich quality and affordable tiny house kits with the help of which you can build on your own in just 3-4 days. Our newest product is the very modern Shell Plus kit, a transformable DIY kit that can be customized. Our kits are best value; you get all that is needed within a comfortable price range. BOSS is the most renowned and the leading manufacturer of tiny house kits and we operate internationally.

 Now, if you are willing to invest in the Shell Plus, you must know more about this amazing product.  The walls are double insulated by a soft vinyl coat, it will keep you cozy in the summer and warm in the winters. The Shell Plus kit offers an insulated steel heavy duty roof to withstand heavy snowfall. Our kit is tested severely to ensure its safety in every situation. The Shell Plus can withstand 30 lbs per square feet of heavy snowfall. The soft and insulated vinyl coated interior walls will also make your life more comfortable inside. The vaulted insulated ceiling gives an impressive height to the rooms.

Besides, all these weather-proof and cozy conditions, the shell plus also give you security from any uncivilized circumstances. Every tiny home kit comes with double-pane windows to keep you safe from any unfavorable situations such as theft. The doors of your tiny house shell plus it comes with a steel deadbolt locking mechanism to ensure your safety. The BOSS engineers have kept your safety as a top priority. Every BOSS tiny house shell plus is equipped with a fully functional electrical and plumbing facility. This saves cost, you do not have to hire a contractor to install those separately. This new kit comes with a full-size bathroom facility that includes a shower too. Every BOSS tiny house shell plus comes with a fully functioning kitchen and a dining area, a storage space, a loft and more.

Apart from these, the Shell Plus product is also fire retardant, and can withstand hours against fire. The tiny house shell plus is made of eco-friendly materials and also very long-lasting. Moreover, the Shell Plus comes with a three-year-long unmatched, limited warranty. If you invest in BOSS tiny House kits, you can get support from BOSS anywhere and anytime in the USA.

Design Yours

The kit is shipped in hardened wooden crates to ensure your kit does not get damaged on the way. BOSS Shell Plus tiny house products are available in two sizes one is 8.5’x20’ and the other one 8.5’x26’.

On a final note, the Shell Plus kit is cost-effective and allows customization and we have also designed Built On Site System. Yes, our kits are easy to install but there are customers who do not have ample time or willingness to pursue DIY, then you can hire contractors to build a tiny house on site. We have a technologically sound and updated team that incorporates newer technology to design these kits. You can have your personal office space right at your doorstep.








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