Build a Tiny Spiritual Retreat Cabin in Your Backyard

Sep 10, 2019

BOSS’ team had the pleasure of building a tiny spiritual retreat cabin in the backyard of a software engineer. He was planning to take some time away from the computer and contemplate for a few months, do some quiet meditation and practice some yoga. In the search for a perfect retreat location, he kept running hither and thither from one meditation retreat center to the other. Each one of them was located in beautiful locations, but either the rent was too high or he had to fall into a routine life during his day which he was not too excited about.

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Finally, his search brought him to BOSS and we explained to him the benefits of building tiny house. The one benefit that he loved was having his yoga and meditation retreat cabin in his backyard. And also the option of redecorating it into a vacation rental, man cave or granny pod once his sabbatical or meditative months were over.

Let us tell you how we helped him decorate his ideal retreat so that if you are also considering something on those lines, you can take inspiration or reach out to us.

Our tiny house kits are all-inclusive and complete with electrical and plumbing systems. So, all we had to do was assemble the parts and we had a structure to begin decorating. The micro retreat had insulated panels and we included a yoga hammock, beer draft lines and projector theater system.

As he wanted something out-of-the-box, we decorated his retreat by forgoing the lofted bedroom, which is often found in tiny houses. Instead of using up the open headspace with a lofted bedroom, we installed a hanging bike rack next to the ceiling fan, which is capable of storing up to three bikes. Of course, this was because he expressed his biking interests and how we would like to go for bike trails with his friends and family.

We finished the decoration of the retreat cabin by including an elevated Queen-size bed so that he had storing space under the bed, a pull-out couch, a small kitchen, plenty of cabinets and of course, the keg draft lines. Other nifty features that we included are a Bluetooth smart lock and built-in storage in the bathroom. Also, we provided a healthy dose of greenery in and around his tiny house.

We also included a curved porch and covered it with plexiglass awning so that the sunshine can pour in while the rain stays out. So, the weather elements need not dictate his meditative mood.

Even though this may seem like a lot of decorative elements in a tiny house, but we have kept a lot of free space in the living room so that he can practice yoga. There is also space for 2 or 3 more people who might be interested in joining him on his meditative journey.

So, this is a meditation retreat cabin project that our design team recently worked on and completed within a short period. He was very happy with the final results and also informed us how much his friends appreciated the little retreat tucked in his backyard.

If you wish to check out our affordable tiny house kitsor need assistance building a retreat for yourself, connect with BOSS.

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