Build a Tiny House in Your Backyard to Use as a Hideout

Nov 12, 2019

Everyone has their downtime, irrespective of age. From rebellious teenagers to working parents and stay-at-home dads or moms, there comes a time when break is all you need. But, living in a tiny apartment leaves little room to hide away from daily chores. Fortunately, BOSS’ small trailer homes are a perfect solution.

Design Yours

Our ready-to-assemble tiny house kits can be quickly set-up in the backyard and customized to your specific needs. As our tiny house is made of robust, sound-proof galvanized steel, it can be the quiet hideout that you are hoping for. Also, it can be the place where you get away for the weekend – away from your friends or family!

Of course, you can personalize our tiny house that way you want. But, your focus must be to maximize the available space. For instance, you can divide the tiny house and join the upper section using a ladder. The upper section can be used as a loft, storage room or sleeping area. If you don’t want to divide the space, you can make use of the ceiling by installing rods. You can use the rods to hang items like, cycle on the ceiling if you are using the tiny house as a hideout from where you can go for cycling treks.

Another thing you can do to make use of space is getting cabinets. You can also make use of the wall by installing shelves. If you are planning to get a TV in the tiny house so that you can binge-watch your favorite shows away from the gaze of your noisy children, you can get one of those cabinet cum TV sets that automatically hides itself.

The tiny house hideout can be your personal man/woman cave. It can be a playroom if you are a gaming enthusiast. It can have a mixture of video games, card and board games, small snooker, foosball or pool table. It can be a space where your teenage kids can invite their friends and chill with them away from parents’ stern gaze, but close enough to not do anything illegal.

If hiding out for you means total peace, you can have a minimalist design for our tiny house trailer for sale. You can move with your tiny house to any other location of your choice and enjoy solace. The tiny house can only have the essentials, such as a sleeping area, a small kitchen, a tiny washroom and an open deck. If your backyard has a lot of greenery, you can design the tiny house with large windows that allows you to literally bring the outdoor scene inside your tiny space. You can use this space to unwind, meditate and practice yoga. Every once in a while, you can call your friends for the weekend and do not leave it for the next 48-hours.

Design Yours

So, if you were waiting to build your personal hideout for a long time, turn to BOSS’ tiny home trailer for sale, a portable option from BOSS. You can build the hideout yourself or seek assistance from our team of experts.







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