BOSS Tiny House Shell Kit – the Perfect DIY Tiny Home Starter

May 24, 2019

Imagine the pride, joy, and bragging rights that come with building your own tiny house, studio, and a portable home-office in the backyard or a workshop. However, the reality is that building one from scratch is a daunting and tall order for first-timer builders – unless you use BOSS tiny house kits. With our tiny house kits, you can get a jumpstart on your journey to building your very own tiny space and become a part of the tiny house movement. Tiny houses are smaller in size, affordable, and have served as the ideal housing option for the homeless who are unable to afford regular houses. You can invest in our BOSS tiny house shell kit to build your own tiny house.

Regardless of whether you want a small space of your own on wheels or foundation, BOSS tiny house kits are the budget-friendly and time-efficient starter pack for you that gets you started with the basics. Our kits include everything that you require to complete your DIY building project, along with providing enough room to use your personal touch and creativity to finish up the tiny house precisely the way you like it. You can start building your small home using our tiny house shell kit by gathering a few basic construction ideas off the Internet or taking help from a friendly neighbour. The Internet will provide you with myriad ideas to build your own tiny house, and if you need additional assistance, our experts are on-board and eager to provide professional input to your home or studio building plan. Once you have successfully constructed the exterior of your backyard home-office, workshop, a bachelor pad or studio, you can get started with personalizing the interior. At BOSS, we also provide plumbing, electrical, insulation, and other such essential services.

BOSS kits are all-inclusive

At BOSS, we specially design tiny house kits so that they are inexpensive, quick to install, and come with clear, easy-to-understand instructions. Our kits are all-inclusive so that first-time DIY enthusiasts do not face any obstacles or challenges during the building process. You can build your home on wheels or build an office on wheels so that you have the freedom to work from anywhere that you want.

BOSS tiny house kits are on sale

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – BOSS is offering a site-wide discount on all tiny house shells for sale. We design bespoke kits for budget-conscious buyers and aim to provide a private, quaint space for all those who are not able to afford a regular one. Our kits give you full freedom to build a tiny house on foundation or wheels. Alternatively, we also help with building small homes on-site for non-DIY enthusiasts. You can rely on our team to assemble and develop the parts at a location of your choice.

At BOSS, we have structures starting from $6700. However, if that still doesn’t seem affordable to you, we provide a safe and secure financing solutions that you can take advantage.

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