BOSS Tiny House Shell kit is ideal for building your own home office

Jul 23, 2020

Home offices are now extremely popular, there is no traveling hassle, and you can dedicate quality time into your work. Some so many entrepreneurs have their home offices and professional spaces that look like offices. But recently, working from home is a global trend mainly due to this COVID 19 pandemic. So, now both employers and employees everyone has started working from home, and this trend is here to stay. 

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As demand is tremendous, the budget has become a significant factor. More and more people are using their yard spaces to turn it into a home office. BOSS is showing the way; we have so far supplied uncountable tiny home kits for sale. We are the largest supplier of tiny house kits; we are here to understand and fulfill your requirements. We have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan because we get calls from plenty of customers who have budget constraints. Since all have the urgency to own a tiny house, we offer secure financing solutions. We are working on aiming that all customers have a tiny house at the time they require. 

It is incredible if you want to set up your own home office and have a spacious yard. BOSS has the very modern and advanced Shell Plus kit, the most recent invention. This kit comes with a 3 years warranty, an easy-to-install DIY transformable solution from BOSS. We would at the first request you get in touch with us for a consultation, visit our office for a discussion about your requirements. We have experts who listen to your requirements and offer the right kind of kit, we also customize. The kit takes only 3 days to install if 2 people are doing the installation. The process is straightforward; you also get a manual to follow the steps; therefore, clients can do it themselves. If you cannot install it yourself due to any reason, you can always hire an expert contractor who can install the kit on-site. This is an advantage of investing in a built-on-site system. Another feature of the kit is that it comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems. You do not have to spend time, money, and effort in getting those installed by another contractor. 

In the new era of social distancing, tiny homes are gaining more and more importance. But BOSS has done everything possible to help many young aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business by supplying home office kits. The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes 8.5’’ x 26’ and 8.5’’ x 20’; affordability is our key. Now take a look at some of the salient features of this kit:

  • Steel construction and insulated
  • Very spacious interiors 
  • Comes with electrical and plumbing facilities
  • Super easy and simple installation
  • Can build a tiny house on a foundation and the trailer
  • Off-grid choices with extra water-tanks
  • Pre-cut wall and frames for easy installation

In all, your home office would be a comfortable space for 3-4 people working together. Call us and talk to the experts for a home office solution; we know that there are many types of business, and the requirements would vary. We are the best tiny home builders in the US, offering tiny home solutions that are affordable yet unique. Request for a quote.

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