BOSS Tiny house kits – Use to Build a Tiny House on Wheels or on Foundation

Jun 04, 2019

People have different reasons to go tiny, some do not have homes and dream to have a small own property, some simply wish to save money by cost-cutting, and there are people who need additional space and some people who are in search of portable homes. You might need a home or an extra space for any reason but why do you have to live a life full of debt and mortgages to make your dreams come true?

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Why tiny homes on wheels are becoming so popular?

If you relocate frequently for your office work or business, a tiny house on wheels is the ideal option for the budget conscious. Investing in a portable house gives the freedom to park your tiny space anywhere; you also have the privilege to work remotely from your ideal location like a lake or in the mountains. It’s easy to use tiny house kits from BOSS and build a tiny house on wheels, you can customize the way you want. Carrying your lightweight home or space wherever you go is actually an advantage. Therefore tiny homes on wheels are highly preferred.

BOSS kits are exclusive

At BOSS we design various types of kits, prior investing in kits it’s important that you decide for what you want to use your tiny house. You can build a tiny house and use it as your own studio, home, office, recreational space and in-law suite. You can also choose to build a tiny house on foundation, a static space at a location of your choice. We have built-on-site DIY kits that have all the components and easy to use instructions. The steel panels we use ensure safety, they have ASTM certifications. One of the main features of our kits are you have plenty of design choices and upgrade features. We also have an all-inclusive package where you get complete plumbing and electrical systems.

A look at the various uses of tiny house

Create a tech-free zone by building a tiny house

You can create a relaxation or recreational zone away from technological gadgets. It could be your personal space for yoga, music, intimate conversation and a free lifestyle.

It could be your home school

Do you homeschool your kid? Children keep a quiet place to focus on their academics, a separate place to do their activities. You can have a tiny house, a dedicated space for homeschooling and playing.

Tiny home a studio or workshop

You could be a writer, an artist, a hairdresser a massage therapist or anything else but a tiny house is the perfect place to have your own set-up. It’s a space that you can call your own and you also do not have to pay a heavy rent every month. You can also use a tiny house as an office space, your personal workspace.

The BOSS is here for you

If you are looking for the leading tiny house manufacturer, come to BOSS Tiny House. We are the largest manufacturer of tiny house kits on a global basis. You can get in touch with us for a consultation; we have experts to guide you about your tiny house requirements. Request us for a quote.

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